I feel so un-special compared to my boyfriend. How can I get over this?

Before him, I felt I was a relatively well-liked. But he is so well liked and admired and has like a following.
I've always kept to myself.

I just want to regain my confidence. I want to feel special and liked. I worry I'm the one who is putting themself into the corner. Like I'm in a pity party of my own. I try to keep my head above the water and forget everything else. I shut my phone off, I try not to look at my social media.

I hate this feeling. There's people around me that have always been out there and well liked, but something about being in a relationship and dealing with this is quite different. I'm not sure how, but it is. I feel like such a nobody, such a nothing. Even though he loves me so so much. I am everything to HIM, the one who matters.

I have talked to him about this a bit but he doens't understand. I try soo hard to keep this to myself because I don't want to be pouty and leave MYSELF out. I try to smile and be positive.

I think how I feel is only human and I try to forgive myself for it, but I need help because I'm struggling. I want to be happy, know that I am cared about otherwise, know that I matter otherwise.

Any wisdom out there? Thank you!

I dont know where to gain the confidence, or what to even be confident about! I feel like I'm just speck of dust in the world, I'm not kidding. I realize I have nothing to bring to the table!


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  • ok 1st u said ur boyfriend he so well , 2 u feel like u losing the attraction from everyone around u 3 u blame ur boyfriend he doesn't understand ur problem 4 u wish to be loved an liked from everyone. ok

    dear this problem u can't blame anyone about it even ur boyfriend because this problem its coming from ur deep inside because u don't have self confidence and u don't have courage to face the facts and i guess u are the typebof person who likes to runaway always so.. the only way is ( u have to face ur fears and to be really honest) why people they don't like u because maybe u r not honest or maybe u hurting them by u don't feel it or mean it or maybe u love ur self so much over.. i know someone been like u and once i faced them by their mistakes they listened to me well and worked on fixing it.. so ask ur self are able to work on ur self? ... im sure ur boyfriend understand but look like he gave up trying fixing u so he just accepted u as u are cuz he really loves u try to ask him officially tell him i need u to listen to me i am bad because of this and this.. tell him guide me me and i will listen and follow u , tell him i want pretend anymore but i will be real and honest.. im sure he will touch ur pain and start to work with u.. I've lost someone i love her so much because she never listen to anyone i wish if she listened to me we were going to be together today.. so im helping u honestly maybe i wasn't able to fix her but im her to do what i have to do and i really want u to be better.. i wish u the bestbof luck and any questions i will reply back to u.. have a nice day


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  • Simply take stock in yourself. Identify what you like and use those strengths. Identify what you don't like and fix those. Be honest with yourself and brave enough to BE YOURSELF. Then go into the world and live. You don't "GET" self confidence. You earn it then recognize it.

    Starts with being honest with yourself then shedding that need for other's approval.

  • guess u r not much confident i'm afraid...

    • Definitely lacking self confidence since him... and he is supportive of me :-/ I know it truly has to come from within me

  • It will be easy for someone else to recommend a therapist for your "symptoms". There is nothing wrong with the way you feel as we all feel this way... some just more often than others. Put your heart in the right place. Look at what you have in front of you. The people that are there with you are there because they care. Most of the time you are wrong about what others think.


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  • just be yourself, he falls for you just becoz he's attracted to you, your true self. so why feeling down? you're unique, even in his eyes