80s music poll: Your favorite album by Kim Wilde?

Yeahhhh my fav solo-singer from da 80s by far!! :D

Her first 4 albums especially, were fuckin awesome…. l8r she changed her style…still she was good but not as gr8 as she was during her early days!

If I had 2 pick one album I’d choose her 2nd album, Secret. It was darker than her debut and it had this underground feelin : )

  • Kim Wilde
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  • Secret
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  • Catch As Catch Can
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  • Teases & Dares
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  • Another Step
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  • Close
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  • Kim Wilde and Secret are my favorites of her albums, but I also like Catch As Catch Can, she is definitely one of the greatest singers of 80's :D

    • yeah bro!

      Catch As Catch Can was really gr8, i liked "House Of Salome","Stay Awhile" and "Shoot To Disable" mostly from this album. Which songs were yer favs?

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    • Right bro, that's a great song too :)

    • Thanks for the MHO :D

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