How do I get into Harvard Medical School?

Hi, I am a freshmen in high school and I am going to be a 10 grade this August. I'm in all regular class and I have all A's and two B's. In 10 grade I am going to be an Honor student and aiming to get into AP classes and get All A's this time. So do I have a chance to get into Harverd? Thank you


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  • You have to show your passion for life and medicine, and really have an idea of where you want to head in the future or at least have an idea of how you plan to find it. You have to be self-confident, show leadership skills, show empathy, and have maturity. Others have mentioned this but extracurricular activity is extremely advantageous for HMS and Harvard in general. Volunteer to help the community, read medical journals, play a competitive sport, get a part-time job, play an instrument; just do something with your time that doesn't just involve studying or staying at home all day. And show that you have a passion for each and every one of them. If you do end up going for a job, get one that can help you improve on your character and experiences. Just make yourself look unique. And grades.. you probably need to get top marks for everything


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  • You have a chance to get into Harvard. However, there are more high school valedictorians than there are places in the Harvard freshman class so it's partly a matter of luck. You don't have to be a Harvard undergraduate to get into Harvard Medical School, and there are other good medical schools. If you want to get into medical school, the best way is to graduate from a good college, but it doesn't have to be Harvard or another Ivy League school. There are many other good colleges (mostly private) that are largely successful in placing their graduates into medical school that are not as selective as the Ivy League, schools like Oberlin, Rice, Washington University, Case Western, Rensselaer, Wesleyan (CT), and others. For now, you should plan on taking the AP core classes: English , US History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus. If you are not currently on track to take Calculus in high school, (assuming it is offered) find out if there is a way to get on track. Participate in extra-curricular activities that you love, don't join just to put something on the application. Don't be afraid to apply to expensive private schools because the good schools are pretty generous with financial aid. Good luck.

  • 4.0 GPA. 1800> SATs. Plenty of extracurricular activities (clubs, student government, community activities).

    or just come from a extremely wealthy family lol.

  • You have to get straight As and get into clubs that will impress them while keeping those As

    • What about sports? Does that count?

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    • Umm I am short for basketball what about volleyball or tennis?

    • Hey Spud Webb was 5'7 and Muggy Bouges was 5'3 so I think you're ok. Tennis does, not sure about volleyball though

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  • Not unless you retake the classes with the Bs. You have to have a great GPA and EXCELLENT class ranking, extraordinary SATs or ACTs, a good selection of extracurriculars, volunteer work, excellent writing skills, and a LOT of luck. You need to maintain this through not only high school but into your undergrad work.

    This woman kind of gives a peek at how lucky she got.

  • It takes more than good grades to get into school like Harvard. You got to do volunteer work and plan your extracurricular activities around the major that you want to study. If you're really serious there are some career counselors I can help you how to plan this. The only way to get into those Ivy League schools if you have a full ride. Otherwise you'll be in debt for the rest of your life

    • Like what volunteer work and plan your extracurricular activities? Can you give an example please

    • If you're planning to go to medical school one example would be to do a research on a particular topic work in the lab at a local university or hospital as a volunteer. But conduct a scientific research I reach a conclusion write a paper and submit it with your application. medical school one example would be to do a research on a particular topic or work in the lab at a local university or hospital as a volunteer. Conduct a scientific research and reach a conclusion write a paper and submit it with your application.
      Spend your summers working in the medical field as a volunteer or intern

    • conduct a scientific research and reach**
      Sorry my phone is retarded 😒