I want to try new things, but im not sure what? need help?

I want tor try out something new and meet new people, but im not sure where to start... I already work out a lot, but im concidering trying out crossfit and join a powerlift team.

But those are things i already have done, so anyone with other ideas on what to try? Im pretty much open to anything.. if i can meat guys there it would we great :) lol


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  • go sky diving.


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  • do salsa lessons, full with guys who are cultured hehe.

    • i would try that, but it doesn't seem like there anyone having any lessons right now :/

    • go to sport bars when there is an event. Say a pay per view fight or a good game.

      But if you not shy at all, go to the mall and find a single guy and say hey "are you alone, if so , why don't we help each other shop"

    • oops my bad, I just forgot you are not looking to meet guys, just people in general.

  • You should get involved in everything you do. Talk to people.


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