What are good YouTube channels?

I need more. I like tyt honest trailer screen junkies rob dyke and a few others. I hate pewdiepie.

Comedy is good.


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  • I have such wild viewing habits that most people would hate them. I watch anything from TYT to AVGN.
    Karen Straughman likes to troll feminists with rational arguments, which can raise one's eyebrow on occasion.

    AmazingAtheist in small doses, because it seems like he runs out of material. Thunderf00t sometimes has good videos, but again, other than the science stuff, he runs out of material; there's only so many ways you can call Anita Sarkeesian a fraud.

    A few mindless ones like Continue?, but for plain entertainment I just watch stuff on netflix.


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  • I'm subscribed to like 800+ YouTubers, so I could suggest many, but it all depends in your taste in entertainment and purpose. First, you should subscribe to me! I'll be starting my channel up FINALLY this summer once I can edit my vids.

    What kind of vids do you like? I sub to a wide variety.

    • Sorry I down voted I ment to expand the text.

  • You might like northernlion, robbaz, or cinemasins.


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