Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, etc parks in New Jersey?

What do you think of the idea of a Disney resort, a Universal resort, a SeaWorld resort, a Busch Gardens park, a Legoland park, as well as a large resort like them, being built in New Jersey?

The Disney Resort would be called "Planet Disney Resort". The initial park, having the same layout as Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida, would be called "Realm of Wonders", and it's castle would be the Beauty and the Beast castle. it would have two additional theme parks, a forest themed water park, and a Downtown Disney.

The Universal resort would have a Universal studios, its own water park, a Citywalk, as well as another theme park.

The Seaword resort would have its initial theme park and an Aquattica water park.

The Busch Gardens park would be primarily Asian themed and with its own water park

The Legoland park would be like all the other Legoland parks, but would have more rides that would have a general appeal.

The original resort would be three times the size of Disney World, having numerous theme parks, water parks, hotel resorts, a large entertainment/shopping/dining complex the size of a small city, and other goodies. The parks would have attractioons created by former Disney imagineers and Universal creative workers. The initial theme park would have its own unique themed areas. There would also be a fantasy themed park, an adventure themed park, a western themed park, a sci-fi themed park, an EPCOT style theme park, a movie theme park, an animal theme park, and an indoor theme park. Water parks would include an tiki themed water park, a circus themed water park, and a lost city themed water park.

Other unique areas at the resort would include a large indoor snow resort, inspired by the proposed Snow Dome in Dubai. The entertainment/shopping/dining complex would be the size of a small city. Key areas in the complex would include a massive shopping mall and a large family entertainment center having hundreds of arcade games, as well as pinball and ticket redemption games.


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  • That would be super cool but cost TONS OF MONEY

    • Yeah that is very true, but hey, we can't keep relying on Great Adventure for such entertainment.


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  • Well is New Jersey as hot as Florida? Cause the main reason disney land is so successful is because it is built in a warm place.

  • I don't sea world and i will never support it. everything you listed sounds good. except for sea world.

  • I don't know sure.
    Don't they have The great adventure?
    And have that large drive through safari.
    I've always wanted to go there 😣

    • Yeah but it's just one park. Plus, the safari isn't a drive through park anymore, and now it's just an attractive where you sit in a large truck.

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  • New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the country, where are you going to find room for all that? Not to mention the weather, nobody would go to the place 8 months out of the year.