Can someone teach me how to hear my own accent?

I've been told from non virgin islanders that's I have an amazing accent and i'll watch them funny because I've never heard my own accent. I'll tell them they don't know what they talking about cause my voice is plain and boring they tell me I have one and I just probably can't hear it. I want to hear it... real bad someone help me. by the way I'm from st. Thomas V. I


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  • You (literally) can't!

    • Seriously -_- that's unfair

    • Yeah, well, life does that. There are quite a few things you cannot normally do well including smell your own house. :p

    • Lmaooo I've noticed that too.


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  • I'm not quite sure what you mean by "hearing your own accent". What you can do is hearing the differences between your dialect (that's the linguistically correct term in this context) and other people's dialect. In order to do that, you have to listen to people from other regions talking and you have to analyse your speech for features that seem typical of how people talk where you live.

  • All people have that problem with their own accent - They just think off it as normal

  • Record your voice. Move somewhere else. Listen to your recording after a few years.

    • Lol I'd like to hear it now

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