Ruffling hair, why?

So me and a friend were at the petrol station filling my car up, I only noticed afterwards that one of my guy friends cars had pulled up next to us so I was talking to him from the passenger seat while my friend was paying for the petrol, then all of a sudden he opened the drivers door, leaned over and ruffled my hair up then kind of whispered we need to swap cars someday and winked at me, any ideas as to why he'd do this? Thanks x


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  • Sign of affection - Might like you


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  • Guess he/she wants to be with your friend? I don't know how else it makes sense

    • My friend was inside paying for petrol, I think he was referring to my car as he's always said that he wants to drive it haha

  • He's very "rapey"?

    • Oh no he's not like that, he wouldn't harm a fly, I've known him for a good few years so I know he's okay

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