Does anyone know who Don Giovanni is?

Does anyone know who Don Giovanni is?


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  • A Don Juan archetype character featured in one of Mozart's most famous operas, conveniently entitled "Don Giovanni."

    Is there something specific about the character you wanted to know? It's an opera with which I'm very familiar.

    • I want to know EVERYTHING about him please and if you have any details please tell. Thank you :)

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    • Haha, well I did say I wasn't going to write an essay. If you dig into the libretto itself, you may find differences, but they would be small. DG is, again, based upon that archetype. In an opera or staged production, there really isn't time to completely reinvent a character in a complex piece, so immediately tapping into an archetype is useful, since the audience will have an immediate understanding of the character and their attention can be focused on other things.

      And what do they say, there are only 7 basic plots, lol

    • Thank you :)


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  • I love mozart but I prefer bach.


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