What do you think of people that roll coal?

If you don't know what that is it is when someone modifys their diesel engine so it runs rich and therefore spews out massive amounts of black smoke. Some people drive down the road purposely covering other cars and people walking down the road in this thick black smoke. They think it is funny. I think it is stupid because that black smoke from a diesel engine causes cancer. People do not do this in my country but I have seen people do it overseas. What do you think?

  • It is stupid, how would these people like that to be done to them. Leave people alone.
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  • It is funny, people need to lighten up.
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  • Its neither funny or not funny.
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  • Stupidity runs rampant. Amazing but not surprising that they don't stop to think of the potential consequences.


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  • you really need to lighten up. most coal rollers dont service their diesels. and fuel companies have now come out wil low sulphur diesels so makes less smoke. yes coal rolling is dumb but you sound like one of those people who would complain when hit with a water balloon. LIGHTEN UP it doesn't hurt any one and after getting hit with coal just means you have to wash your car (again)

    • Trust me I am not one of those people that would complain when hit with a water balloon I was just asking peoples opinions that is all.

    • I actually complain very little

  • It's stupid.. I see people who modify their cars so much they can't get up curbs or over speed bumps. Their suspension is that low. Then they make some horrible noise. Make me wanna put spikes on the road to pop the tyres..

    At 3am one of those pieces of crap is the last thing you want driving past your house when you're trying to sleep.

  • I think that if they go in Wal-Mart and you slash their tires, the police will never be able to find you. Just make sure to wear a hoodie.

  • Five years later and this video still makes me laugh:


  • I think they're dumbass pussies.

  • We now have proof of reverse evolution.