What is the most flowery, creative (non-offensive) insult you can come up with?

I rather like "squalid broom closet" and "flittering flibbertigibbet" myself. What about you?


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  • I told my uncle he looked like a turtle because I had a stuffed animal turtle that somebody bought me and his face look liked the stuffed animal that I saw as a child. It wasn't an insult but my uncle was very embarrassed afterwards and started to wonder if he was ugly. I wasn't trying to insult him though - I personally think that turtles are very cute creatures. I heard him whispering to his wife after I left "why did she say I look like a turtle?" and he looked scared and worried.

    • That's adorable and hilarious. I think turtles are cute too!

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  • creative mayonnaise

  • "May you get everything out of this life that you so richly deserve", has always been one of my favorites...

    • May the cat eat you and the Devil eat the cat is a nice one as well.

    • Oh my lord... And on the flip side "may the forces of evil become confused on their way to your house " is kindof a flowery, way to wish well...

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