What his the greatest Romance movie of all time... The Notebook vs Titanic.. wich one?

Obviously this his a pretty arsh question.. And mostly girls are concerned... But I still enjoy Romantic movie my favorite being The Notebook so guys are not kicked out and are welcome to share.
Don't take my word for it... wich his the best one for you? Notebook or Titanic seems like what movies I want to compare since they are the most romantic in my mind... Even throught there are other great one (share them if you have some you believe are better)
So for you wich his the most romantic movie of all time... The Notebook or Titanic?
P. S: I'm not gay at all... just a dead-core helpless-romantic :)

4 votes for titanic
And now 3 for the Notebook
Anyone else?


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  • The titanic was so cheesy and way too damn long.
    The notebook gets my vote.


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What Girls Said 7

  • I don't really like either of them, but out of the two I'd choose Titanic, purely for the old couple that curl up in bed together. Makes me cry like a baby every time at that bit.

  • I got bored with The Notebook... I only watched the scene where the old lady is in the hospital and the guy stands up by the door.

    I don't like movies that moves too slow. It sucks more when the plot is great.

    So I would go with Titatic but not my all time favorite.

  • Im like the only person who didn't think the Notebook was all that... It was aight. I liked Titanic up til the point where that hoe let Leonardo die... I voted Titanic

    • Yea that's alright... That's just a question of taste...
      I know that personally no movie gave me the feels like the Notebook... But that's just personal... Can understand you liked the Titanic better...

    • Tbh... Titanic was only watchable because of Leonardo... Notebook was decent cause of the eyecandy as well

  • I've never watched/read The Notebook. Never sparked my interest. So Titanic wins it for me.

    • WWWWWAAAATTTTCCCCHHH IIIIITTTT... Goddammit, it wasn't interesting to me either in prospect... But watch it you may like it or not... but if you do OH GOD... That his my personal favorite, no couple has ever gotten my attention more than in the Notebook

    • Lol ok ok. Sheesh. I'll check it out.

  • The Notebook

  • Titanic, I think.

    Note: I hate romantic films they look very stupid :/

  • Out of those 2, I guess I would also pick the Notebook.

    But my favorites are Pride & Prejudice


    and Memoirs of a Geisha



What Guys Said 3

  • Probably out of these two, the Titanic I mean the Notebook is based off of a true story, while the Titanic actually is one, plus I like it better, since it sequels off to The Great Gatsby one of the greatest books ever written.

    Personally I think Casablanca is one of the greatest romantic movies of all time, I mean come on it does not get much better then Humphrey Bogart

    but I would like to add in some that are my favorites and some of the greatest ever created in my opinion

    Count of Monte Cristo
    Gone with the Wind
    Romeo and Juliet ( 1968 original )
    The Philadelphia Story
    The Quiet Man
    Sabrina ( original )
    Some like It Hot

  • True Romance, directed by Quentin Tarantino before he aestheticized violence. It's the True Romance movie of all time, as a deduction of the title, full-on love, equal strength of male and female protagonists, and mobsters.

  • Neither: The Exorcist.