What is the best and worst song of right now?

I personally like Uptown Funk but hate pretty girls


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  • I don't know about the best one but I hate Shower by Becky G 😫


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  • Worst, anything country

    • modern, classic or in general

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    • Some of bobby kieth or whatever his name is can actually be pretty good. Not all country is shit. You need to open your mind a bit.

    • Let me tell you something, being in the back seat of a car growing up, in-laws, exes, other campers in a campground, inconsiderate coworkers forcing that shit on me I've lost all tolerance for that shit. Why is it all these piece of shit people I've mentioned can listen to that piss poor excuse for music and once the CD they're listening to is over and I put in a CD of my music, without touching anything I'm instantly told to turn it down? Fuck you, fuck country music, and fuck anyone that wants to play it. I've been tolerant of that God awful shit but no one has been tolerant of rock and roll in my life. That shit isn't allowed in my home or my car and if I have it forced on me like at a campground I've been known to slam their radio to the ground. Once again, FUCK YOU AND COUNTRY MUSIC

  • I agree Pretty Girls is the worst but the best right now gotta be Electric Body by A$AP Rocky. It is way too catchy to care about meaning!