How are/were highschool finals in your country?

So I get that the school system is different in all countries, and I myself don't live a place where we have "highschool" but I just thought that word would apply to most.

How were your finals? How make exams did you take? How were they? What did you do? Were they oral or written down or both? Essays or questions with answer possibilities?

I myself am in the middle of my finals right know, 3 written and 4 oral I have this year :)


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  • They are spread over 2 weeks with different subjects every day, sometimes 2 subjects in 1 day. You sit in a large hall and all of them are written (the ones I did anyway - Dutch English German Economy Maths Physics and Chemistry). Well that's how it was 14 years ago anyway.


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  • I hated exams in Spain cause they had like 4-5 questions, so if you didn't know one you would lose 25%-20% of the grade.
    I think we had like 8 exams perhaps? I don't remember how many subjects we had, but the higher the grade, the less classes, obviously.
    They were all written, no oral.

  • When I was in secondary school.. Our exam is mostly written. For language, both orals and written were accounted for the marks except for English ; it's just written.. For some subjects like History and Engineering it is written and also a 'project' submission based. I nailed those two. Pretty fucking easy and enjoyable to do.


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  • Back in high school, they were a kick in the head