Was Ted Bundy's mother that blind as to really think he was innocent?

Last month in psychology class, we were shown a video about those with conduct disorder and what it could lead to as an adult. One of the cases was of notorious killer Ted Bundy.

The mother kept saying that he was innocent for years. Did she really believed the cops and everyone else were all wrong? Or did she probably already suspected about her child (maybe even knew it was true) but kept purposely denying it all?

She died a couple years ago but probably from a neverending depression after what this monster put her through.

If I were at the time, I would have been saying something like ''Lady, I know he's your child but come on there are enough evidence, those things were found in his car, the bite marks''


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  • In many cases, a mother will do anything to protect her child. The reasons behind her believing he was innocent are her own and no one can know for sure, but it's definitely a chance that she actually believed he was innocent. However, I personally believe she did doubt it a little bit, and she tried to hide and repress the doubt, making her deny it all the more fiercely.


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  • Most relatives are blind to the possible actions of their loved ones. Everyone always wants to assume they have a good son or daughter who would never be a criminal only to be sadly mistaken when that dark day arrives when they find out the recent murders where indeed caused by their children.


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  • I guess she will never believed she gave birth to a devil in disguise.