How to hold my violin?

My face bone and caller bone hurts when i take my violin, any advice how to hold it? my friend said it has to be relaxing whole girping it firmly. but i don't know why it just hurt a lot and every time i hold it, it drops and end up facing down wards, how can i hold my violin, that one, 2 is how do i flit it up? and 3, what should i do? please help me, because i only rent the violin for 2 weeks

thanks ^_^ and sorry for my broken English


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  • The violin should rest on the collarbone and be supported by the left hand and by the shoulder. Gentle weight from the head, with a relaxed neck, stabilizes the violin on the collarbone. The chin rest protects the top of the violin and adjusts for the length of the player's neck. As the violin strings are held parallel to the floor a shoulder pad is fitted to fill the slight space between the back of the violin and the player's shoulder. The shoulder pad should not prevent the violin from resting on the collarbone and should not be used to compensate for the length of the player's neck. A frequently overlooked function of the shoulder pad is to provide friction so that the violin neither pivots too easily nor slips off the shoulder. The violin may be held briefly by increased weight of the head on the chinrest in order to free the left hand but ongoing support of the violin shifts constantly between the left shoulder, jaw, and left hand, with contact with the collarbone remaining constant. Low density foam pads in minimal contact with the back of the violin will not adversely affect the sound of the instrument.

    • but if i hold it correctly, i should hold it comfortably and without using any hands to support, if i need anything to support other than what's on my face and upper body, then i am holding it wrongly, and i should be really relax

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    • and i started getting a little pissed and my classmates just ask me to give it up and i told her "if i give up because of a little pain, then i can never do anything"

    • you are right. Can you have a music instructor show you how. Also, perhaps it is too big of a violin for you


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  • What does your teacher say?

    • i do not have a teacher, i self learn

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    • and she only teach me for like less than 1 hours just on that day it self and no where else

    • Well that's probably why it hurts. Something's wrong with your posture that you can't see. Ask your friend or someone else who's been professionally trained.

  • Why the hell do you even have a violin if you don't know how to use it?


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