Does my best guy friend really like me?

So, over the Summer he travels with his family from state to state, and we would text and oovoo sometimes. Since then, we started liking each other. But now that school is out we were talking about how its finally summer then out of no where he says " I still like you a lot (with a lovestruck emoji). He then asked if i liked him too and I replied I do. But now he's doing these things things to impress me. Like, we snapchat and send me funny videos and says how he's on a bike with no hands on the grip. On kik, I didn't have a picture of me on there it was just some nature picture I took and asked " Why don't you have that beautiful pic of you on kik?" I told him I didn't know what pic to put so he asked if he can help me choose. I said yes. Later, he changed his kik name to "bae"with fire and star emoji. I was teasin around and saying who that bae was, he replied "You, duh" i was like it could anyone but he replied" I'm not a player or a hoe"But, there's this girl that likes him and go jealous and asked who his bae was and he said she didn't need to worry about it so all three of got on a group chat and he was bragging to the girl he didn't like and thought she was annoying that I was his bae. She got really furious but she didn't show it. After the conversation, I said, " man, I'm hungry someone bring me food by my house and I'll love you forever" and he's like " I wish I could drive I would've brought you something." He goes to bed kinda early and tells me goodnight, I ask him why go to bed early but he says, he has to to wakr up early to wake his dog and run 2 miles and workout, is it okay if i wake text you at 6 or what time do you wake up?" I really didn't mind both of us enjoyed talking to each other. He texted me at 6am (my phone was vibrate on my bedside table, i sleep through anything) so i replied 2 min till 7am and saw he said morning. On kik he would show off his picture of him on a go cart on a race track. We've been close friends for 2 years now. etc.


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  • don't see anything flirty... he acts as a nice guy mostly


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  • It sounds like he is interested in you.