I haven't gotten my period in like 5 months?

Back in June of last year, I hadn't gotten my period in 5 months and then I finally got it in the beginning of November. The day before I got my period I got a cat scan on my pelvis area and they didn't see anything wrong. The next time after I got my period in February and now it's June again and I haven't gotten it since. UGH! my period were never so irregular. At most I missed like a month never almost 5 months!!! What should I do? I'm scared to go to the gynocologist and some doctor recommended birth control but the side effects are horrible for it?


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  • I go through the same thing. I skip my period for half a year and then sometimes when I get it again, I get it for an entire month. Have not been to a gynecologist, but my family doctor did put me on BC and that regulated it.

    I had to stop because my prescription ran out, and I couldn't afford it anymore. Nor could I afford the co-pay to go to my doctor, because for some reason even though it's a woman health thing, they were charging me.

    But recently I acquired 10 months of BC for free so I'm going to use it all and hopefully by the end of the 10 months my period will be proper regular for the first time since I was like, 16.


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  • I have cousin who never had a period hardly at all
    never had no real bad health concerns and she could
    never get pregnant.. Well, she went to a doctor
    they ran all kinds of blood work nothing real bad showed
    she was your age with irregular periods and stuff but
    she wanted to have a baby and this gynecologist
    prescribed her Metformin for infertility an she started
    having her periods again and last July she had a
    healthy baby girl.. I know your not trying to get pregnant
    but I'm using my cousin as a example that irregular
    periods can be a very common thing among teen girls
    and especially your age but it wouldn't hurt to get a line
    of blood work cause my cousin has a hormonal issue
    that is related to her not having regular periods and
    not being able to get pregnant also I have inherited
    the same hormonal imbalance that i would need to
    take a fertility drug prescribed for men to help try
    produce sperm if the time came and i ever planned
    to father a child i wouldn't be able to do it without that
    i take Male hormonal replacement therapy too but
    you want get your hormones checked along with
    your thyroid levels and complete line of blood work
    but maybe birth control could be option they have
    all kinds of new safe medications now days that they
    are more better than years ago..

    • Before they give you any kind of birth control make sure
      you get line of blood work done and also make sure you
      follow up with a doctor there is girls who just take birth
      control under no doctors supervision and risk serious
      health issues also if you do go on birth control make
      to follow with the doctor and to report any side effects
      but do get your thyroid check along with blood sugars
      to rule out diabetes lot these people take chances
      and it's better to be safe than sorry ,. Best wishes :)

  • I wish I could with this, unfortunately I know nothing about this stuff. xD
    I wish you all the best though, I hope everything's okay. D:

  • here's a google link... www.google.com/search I hope this helps!

    One called it... secondary amenorrhea.

    • Amenorrhea: The Clinical Term for Lack of Menstruation
      Lack of a menstrual period is called amenorrhea. When this occurs in a woman who has never had a period it is called primary amenorrhea. In cases like yours, where there has been cycles in the past, it can be called secondary amenorrhea.

      Of course, not every missed period warrants a clinical diagnosis and evaluation. Most physicians will consider missed periods a potential problem after 6 months, in a woman who has had regular cycles before. If a woman was irregular before, than twelve months is the usual timeframe.

    • I've gotten tested for this and I don't have it

    • They sound kind of dense to me, I mean I get the impression that Amenorrhea or secondary is the definition of what you have, whether it's from being pregnant or weight loss or a hormone imbalance or whatever else.

  • weird... anyway wot makes u afraid go 2 a gyno?

  • go to a gynecologist

  • dont hesitate consult a doctor this is a very serious problem or a very cruel joke. u need 2 have a period in 28 days not 1s in 3 or 4 months
    having irregular period is different the thing is u r not having it

  • I'm pregnant.


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  • In 6th grade, my period skipped 2 months. It hasn't been as irregular since. However, it skipped this past May but came on this June. Im not sexually active so I don't know whats up

    • I wouldn't do birth control though... Ever. I'm sure there are other cures

  • You really need to go to a gyno. Even if you temporarily take birth control to get you regulated. Are you eating enough?

  • Go on birth control. I am on birth control and it is really good

  • Just go to a gynecologist. They know what they're doing. Bring a friend 👍🏻. Actually no never mind that's weird 👎🏻

  • You can lose your period if you're deficient in some nutrients or if you're barely eating enough to stay alive.

  • I heard u can lose period if u diet to hard. Or health issues, but go to the doctor