What are the best College/University Degree's? And what are some of the most useless Degrees?


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  • I can say with absolute certainty that any degree that does not equip you with specific work skills is a useless degree. Any form of liberal arts degree comes to mind immediately.
    If you are considering university, the intelligent thing to do is to look through the positions vacant advertisements and see what sort of skills are in demand.
    For example, where I live there are people who have degrees in architecture and law who are driving taxis; while on the job sites there is ad after ad for companies that want accountants.
    Becoming a math/science teacher is a guaranteed job for life in most countries.


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  • The college/university itself plays a huge part too

  • Most useful: Medicine
    Least Useful: Dance Major lol. It really exists.

    • I reckon there'd be worse majors then Dance. Medicine is a generic answer lol

    • What is worse than a dance major? lol

    • I dunno about worse but there's a lot on par hah

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  • The best paying lowest unemployment rates are STEM majors. The lowest paying that you will be lucky to get a job in that field are political science, psychology, art, history majors. Well that is if you only get a bachelors because a lot of jobs in these majors require graduate degrees and doctorates to work in the field of study.