Skype for iPhone question?

Kind of embarrassing... but is there a way to configure Skype for iPhone so that if you're in the middle of a call or video chat, you won't be disconnected if a real phone call comes through? Just have the phone call go to voicemail instead and check it out after the current call is finished?


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  • I think you have to go to your phone settings and set it there

  • I don't believe so

    • Boo... that sucks.

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    • Exact same situation here, only still long distance.

    • Awe well hopefully that isn't for long. I met my boyfriend online 5.5 months ago and we started dating one week after we met. I left my family and moved up to Ohio from Florida to live with him and I can honestly say that was the best choice of my life! He's amazing. How long have you been with your girlfriend? Hopefully you'll get to be with her soon. I know how hard it is not being with your significant other.

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