Which of these new terms would you like to be the new term for a girl with a big butt?

I'm talking about the girls with an itty-bitty waist and a big round thing in your face. You know, those type! The ones I LOVE!

Let's see, we've heard a number of terms. The most common (and boring) is "big butt/booty/ass." I've seen "thick", "curvy", "badonkadonk" and "donk." I've also seen "cake (s)", and "cakey", as well as "ham" and "phat."

So, out of the choice below, which one would you like to see? I completely made these up myself. If you have a unique suggestion, vote "Other" and say your term and explain why.

  • The Wagon
    Vote A
  • Toilet Seat-Smasher
    Vote B
  • Horse-butt (boring but funny)
    Vote C
  • Jeans-splitter
    Vote D
  • Mcbutt (The result of too much McDonald's)
    Vote E
  • Cellulite-haven
    Vote F
  • None of these/Other (Explain below)
    Vote G
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@BelleGirl21 Thanks for your commentary!


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