Anyone used to get on OMGpop... Now known as Hambycomb?

It was a gaming site with private measaging and chatrooms... I used to love playing "Pool" on there as well as "Draw My Thing" and "Letterblox". It was the stuff until Zynga shut it down. Now known as Hambycomb, it still has games, but you can no longer post profile pics and do chatrooms.
Anyone used to get on OMGpop... Now known as Hambycomb?

Wtf would they rename it Hambycomb?

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  • I still go on Hambycomb (Omgpop)
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  • I'm going to go make an account right now.
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  • OMG!!! i LOVED that site. i was just talking about it yesterday. i didn't know it came back!!! thank you for that!!

    • Yea its under Hambycomb. You can sign in using your old account. All your coins earned are still there but you can't edit your profile pic or anything

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    • yeah nothing is really loading. it shows all the text and stuff but games/pictures won't load :'(

    • thanks for MH :)


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  • when it was around?

    • Omgpop been around since 2006 but it got shutdown last summer. Now you have to go under Hambycomb. com if you still wanna play the games and chat

    • i've heard it before as a name, but never used it tbh... sorry :|

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