How can I learn the accept my horrible height that I hate so much?

I'm 5'7, and I'd honestly rather be dead. I was supposed to be 6'3 according to my parents' heights, but I just fucking stopped growing for no reason when I was 12.

I hate every moment of life that I am this height. I'm just counting down the days until I die at this point. I simply can't accept the fact that I'm going to be inferior and less attractive to women DUE TO MY FUCKING HEIGHT!!! I mean, fucking seriously, women? I had no control over this fucking shit. The horribly violent, unspeakable thoughts I have towards women that don't like short men are unbearable...

Seriously, what can I do to come at peace with my horrible, pathetic, unattractive height short of blowing my brains out? Please, I need help NOW.


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  • I am 5'10 and I went out with someone shorter than me and was going to marry them but they turned out to be a cheat so we broke up.
    Also, your parents height does not determine your own, it goes back to great grandparents. neither of my parents are as tall as my brother and i, my cousins were 6'3 and 6'4 and their dad was the tallest of their parents at 5'6 so the good news is that if you have kids they may end up super tall like you thought you would!

    Heightism (i believe it is an actual thing) sucks. I got bullied for my height growing up, and guys who are shorter than me think i am some sort of ogre when really i am lucky enough to use my height and looks to model. There is nothing wrong with height, just please please please stop letting this affect you. I am sure you are a lovely guy and there will be someone out there perfect for you who is about 5'2 and stunning thinking she never gets noticed because she gets lost in a crowd... x

    • I don't think you understand. There is literally no one in a century back if extended family that is anywhere close to my height. My shit height was a weird anamoly that surprised everyone.

    • So get over it. I have a height issue not a micro penis or a degenerative disease. Life is what u make it and u r making it all about your height to a point where u will scare women away by your attitude not your height. Learn to get past it either on your own or with help but stop letting it eat away at you!

    • I guess you're right. Thanks.


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  • I'm actually 5'2" so your height would not affect me at all. 😁 there's plenty of short girls like me out there. Your height doesn't make you unattractive in any way because there still PLENTY of women shorter then you!!! I see extremely attractive men all the time who are short. And since I'm so short , there still taller then me!!
    Also, I struggle with the size and shape of my breasts. This is something that I also cannot change. Yes there is surgery, but there's no way I can afford that right now or any time soon. The way my breasts look cause me so much stress and insecurity. Generally, men prefer larger breasts. Thats a known fact. I know after all the pictures I've seen of other women's breasts that mine are FAR from the best looking, or in my opinion, even decent looking. It makes me so depressed I also feel so unworthy I wish I could die sometimes... I absolutely HATE that I can't change them. This isn't how I wanted to look. I never chose to look this way. Its not fair and I'm judged as "not being beautiful" or "not being womanly" for it. I understand your pain. But at least your height in no way cause overall unattractiveness. Like I said, coming from a short girl like myself, your plenty tall enough for me and many other women. Don't let it get you down. I'm sure plenty of women would love to be with you. ☺

  • Dude, chill the fuck out. It's just a preference, you act like short guys never get married. My dad is 5'6 and he's got a wife and women flirt with him constantly. Develop a better personality and you're good.

    • The preferance argument gas never satisfied me. I've both keyed the cars and popped the tires of several women whom havev said they don't like short. And, that's using great restraint; I've often considered using Molotov cocktails to send a message.

      Women can have their preferences, but they are not allowed to harbor a "preference" against short men while I'm around. It might as well be law.

    • I think your problem is being a douche not being short.

    • These are primal emotions. They aren't exactly things I'm consciously thinking.

      Obviously I wouldn't do anything, but the emotions are still there.

  • Why would you care. I think 5'7" is the average height in the US

  • Don't date women who think a man has to be a certain height to be attractive.

    Most men would think I'm too big to be attractive, I don't want to blow my brains out over it, I just deal with it and don't date people who feel that way.

    I have dated guys shorter than you also.


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  • Yes, it is difficult to be a man who is of less-than-average height, but you can still work around it.
    Be mindful that although you will be shorter than most men, you will still be taller than most women.
    As for your "horribly violent, unspeakable thoughts. . . toward women" you should seek professional help for that. Seriously. That road leads to Elliot Rodger.

    • Already have--isn't helping.

    • @Asker
      I should add that I am 5'8", which is only one pair of shoes away from you and I seeing eye to eye. My height has not been a problem for me. I have a list of problems, but height has not been one of them.
      What I can say, by way of a related issue, is that when I was your age I was of average male height. Now, I am considered to be short. People are becoming taller.

  • Consider yourself better off than guys like myself that are 5' 5" (164.75cm to be exact so not even 5' 5"!). And guys that are shorter than us have it even worse bud. Height insecurity has bothered me for several years, as im sure it will for more years to come. But its never made me want to kill myself, it just gets me upset sometimes. I too feel like I got screwed and that I'm not genetically blessed and that I am seen as inferior to all females. The worst is going to a club because ALL the women wear heals, so even if theyre a little shorter than me, they may be a little taller with heels, and im sure you feel the same way man.
    However, one thing I have come to realize is that confidence and the way you carry yourself goes a long way. I may be short, but I have had several women find me attractive, tall ones too! Actually, it was all the taller ones that seemed to like me the most, come to think of it! How can this be explained? Simple, I carry myself well and with confidence. Don't get me wrong, I can be confident about a lot but my height always brings me down. But women have dated me regardless of my height. Although some of them make the short comments about me and does tend to irritate me, they still liked me a lot for who I was.
    The current lady I am seeing is about an inch taller than me. It bothers the piss out of me, but she's gorgeous and can have any guy she wants, taller than me. But she's not, she's with me and somehow I out compete their aesthetic looks.

    • So here is my take on how to cope with it. If you are older than 23, you are probably not going to grow anymore and there is nothing that can be done about that. It all comes down to accepting and loving yourself. I know its hard accept, but it could always be worse. You could be my height and even more pissed off about it. I have to admit, I still look for ways to grow at least even your height! But I know that's not very likely...
      Another thing I have noticed is that the taller girls typically care less about a man's height than shorter girls. That's not saying that all feel that way, but many do because they don't have many options for taller guys, its the average sized girls that seem to be the most picky. It bothers me like hell when a girl brings up my height, and I get pissed too, but I've gotten pretty good at shaking it off. At this point its only when it sounds emasculating that I get pissed and less when its an observation.
      Just be cool and confident, women love that

  • I'm 5'7" and my life has been pretty okay so far; all this means is that you can weed out the extremely shallow girls that think a male is worthwhile as a human being only if they're 6' or above. I mean really, is someone like that worth dating? If you ask me, no.

  • this is why god made short girls. 5'0 is very common

  • Height doesn't matter... If you develop a good personality...