How many men can say they know what a period is like?

i can. I've had a wound for 6 months that god cut open again twice its a open wound and i had stomach problems really bad cramps and it cause my wound ot bust open and bleed like crazy. the wound is at the top of my butt. yep and it hurts and i believe i know what a period is like. i do. it lowered my immune system so it happens a few times a month now. all I've got to say is im so sorry women. what you go through it absolutly terrible and it sucks bad.


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  • sorry to hear about what you are going through but it is still very different. Our wombs contract, it is not blood that comes out of us it is uterine lining... Our hormones are going crazy at the same time, no matter what we do we cannot get comfortable and its not because of pain its just we haven't got the ability our brain is continually telling us we cannot be comfy.
    When we sneeze or cough it comes out uncontrollably and its horrible.


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  • The answer is one. You. I hear what @far2gud4u is saying but at least you've got an inkling. Get well soon man.

    • we are like crazed monsters when we are on our periods and this guy sounds far too rational lol I think women on their periods is actually where the ideas for werewolves came from :)

    • Not wanting to disagree with a potential werewolf, I will say only: "You must be right."

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