Name 3 pet peeves that you have?

For those who don't know what a pet peeve is... It'ssomething that annoys you, it can besomething really small

For example:

I don't like it
- When people talk with their mouth full
- When I go to a public restroom, wash my hands and when you want to dry them it's like the weakest blowdryer ever that's just like a soft breeze
- Commercial breaks during cliffhangers of an awesome movie you're watching


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. When people have no manners.
    Ex. -You greet them and they don't greet you back.
    -You give them something and they don't say thank you etc.

    2. When people eat and make loud sounds whole chewing.

    3. When people are hypocritical

    They quickly condemn someone when they do the same action (in secret).


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What Girls Said 5

  • I have too many to name! One of them is my phone not working right (it does many, many annoying little things that drive me crazy. It just isn't reliable). Another is people making assumptions before they know enough to make an accurate assumption. Another is bad grammar/spelling.

    • Scratch the phone thing and replace it with my mom's behavior.

  • When I'm on public transport and someone's kicking the back of my chair, the rage is real lol
    When you are trying to have a serious conversation and all they want to do is joke around. I literally just walk away.

  • I don't like liars, don't like men who are disrespectful, I have no patience with immature men

  • People who don't change toilet rolls
    People talking over me
    Not being able to find something I want

  • - people who are on their phones all the time
    -feminists or girls who don't think you can be pretty and smart
    -men and women who have no manners


What Guys Said 3

  • My 3 pet peeves are

    Smokers that throw their cigarette butts out their car window, drop them on the foot path or in the gutters of the road, in gardens or at the beach or anywhere. Those things are very bad for the environment. They stink also and look disgusting. Smokers that do this are rude, lazy and selfish.

    People that are racist or sexist

    People that are rude.

    • Hahaha I've once tossed the cigarette back in the car and ran off with my bike

      I really hate that, that their unhealthy addiction is more important than the nature, and instead of putting it in a bin they just make it worse by throwing there

    • I know I have got mad at people for it. I mean why should us non-smokers have to put up with their disgusting mess just because they are too lazy and selfish.

  • Slow drivers, when someone is talking to me at work about something not work related, people that own computers and know absolutely nothing about them other than how to open a browser and get on the internet.

  • I'm just going to say one: People who chew loudly. It seems like such a minor thing, but it's excruciating to listen to.