How do you know when you are truly passionate about something?


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  • I guess it's when while you're doing this thing, you forget about the world and your passion is the most important thing in your life.

    • That almost happens, id have a career in it, but the careers id have to choose would put me in a bad financial situation, and i wouldn't even know if id be able to support my family and kids and afford food. Or basically not have the money to do anything and might even have me and my kids skip meals because i couldnt afford anything or it was so hard to find another job.

      Considering i have the ability to make money if i choose, i can't just go that path and make myself miserable in every other part of my life except my job. Its not the lifestyle i would want for my family and kids, if i ended up being a single parent, just my kids. if it meant sacrifing that oppurtunity for my "passion" so my family would live the life i want them to, and i would be satisified with my life outside of work, im doing it for sure.

      Does that make me not passionate about it? Because i just got told by someone who worked in the industry that i dont have passion for it because the money & lifestyle issues...

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    • * comma should be a period

    • That's good. I'm in a position similar to yours.
      I hope you make the best decision.


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  • When you're excited about it everyday

    Honestly, if you don't know, then you're not passionate about it

  • Qhen the vwry thought of it gets you excited and motivated to act.

  • It's all you do, think about
    You become completely obsessive.


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  • when you actually look forward to doing it and invest your time and effort in it. also looking for more ways to contribute to that "something".

    • So if it was a career, would it still be a passion if you had serious doubts about doing it because it would more likely than not put you and your spouse and kids in a bad financial situation? Along with a lifestyle (not being able to afford anything, potentially not have much food) you wouldn't want them to go through even if it meant giving up your "passion". Because the job doesn't pay good or has bad job security and its hard to get another one. And you have the ability to make good money if you choose to, so youd rather do that instead. Does that mean its not a passion? Someone told me it does?

    • passion and having a professional career can be separate. people who do passion as a good stable career for a living are the lucky ones, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying your passion outside of your day job to support family.