Sir Tim Hunt resigns from university role over girls comment, What do you think?

What do you think about this? Should great individuals who service the society in many ways more than many other people be forced out of their works because of making a comment like "Three things happen when they (women) are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them they cry." that might seem or be offensive/sexist to women?

Even if it's offensive it's an opinion.

I've been bullied in the university this past winter and for the past two semesters by some boys because they especially one of them thought I am privileged.

I didn't care about any of them, I didn't generalize all men, I didn't become man-hating, and I didn't want "him" to stay out of the class because of his obvious sexist comments about me. It was his honest opinion. but at last he himself got out of control and said something offensive very loud that hurt me and I couldn't stay in the class and went out and later I heard the professor made him cancel his class. After that I cancelled my semester and took a break with my boyfriend and still feel uncomfortable about it. (I felt so bad that night I even asked a question here).

I've been subjected to bullying and sexit opinions myself.

But what I say is that even with the existence of some of these attitudes should the person be treated like this for having an opinion and expressing it? And so many women who have obvious comments against men face nothing of these kind of reactions against them.

Sir Hunt told "when they get criticised they cry", and then there was these reactions against him that made him get resigned. Pretty much proves his point if you ask me.

My own opinion is that women should stop being whiny and so easily react to opinions of people. If you really "can do it" stand people's opinions even if they are offensive and "do it" to prove them wrong instead of forcing great people out of their work because you can't take an opinion.

sexist or not, I consider these reactions nonsense.


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  • I was gonna write something but in the end you took the words your of my mouth... "women should stop being whiny and so easily react to opinions of people. If you really "can do it" stand people's opinions even if they are offensive and "do it" to prove them wrong instead of forcing great people out of their work because you can't take an opinion."
    'Nuff said really.


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  • When PC gets to the point that it's infringing on freedom of expression and austrasizing Nobel Prize winning scientists out of their jobs then we have a SERIOUS problem with PC.

    These PC feminazi types are trying to bring us back to the dark ages where thought crime carried the death sentence.

  • I like to think of it in a another way.
    This what happens to the person going against the propaganda "weather he is right or not is irrelevant".
    If a celebration, president or news reporter now went on stage and said : "F*** the global warming myth" , "we need the abused labours in china and India who support the whole world" or "The killing of people in the far east is not big deal as card accident in my country".
    Some people might get angry and offended, but he/she will NOT be thrown under the train to walk over.

  • I recently just heard about this. It's a real shame. He was making a joke specifically for those female scientists at the event that was meant to be nothing more than good fun. Unfortunately after people posted his joke online (not even to oust him they just wanted his humor to be shared) people took it out of context. Most of those female scientists that were actually even there to hear it are defending him along with virtually ever other scientist that's out there in the world.

  • Where I work when we've had the bosses in the female managers are always crying because they've been criticized for something. The fact that whenever anybody makes a comment that could be seen as slightly offensive or even wears the wrong t-shirt has to apologise and resign thanks to oversensitive feminists says it all. It's pathetic.

    • being offensive isn't okay. But some people are really obviously offensive whereas the others are simply criticising you or telling their personal opinions about you. you should always be ready to be careless about the personal opinions of others, and this affect the males in a greater scale than women.

      the third wave feminism is about being sensitive cry babies about every simple word said about women.

    • I don't understand what you mean in the first part of that comment? I say what I think and I don't care who finds it offensive although that isn't the motivation behind my comments.

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  • I think the context is important here. He made these comments at an international conference that was meant to honour the accomplishments of women in STEM fields. Resigning means he elected to step down from his position. He wasn't fired. Plus, he looks to be about retirement age anyway so what is he really missing out on?

    • He resigned because of the reactions not because he wanted to. He was forced indirectly. And age doesn't matter he was a great individual he could do more until he would be retired rather than resigning over a comment that does have some reality behind it. People do fall in love in university and he was telling his observation in a honest way.

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    • Your opinion is ignorant and seems like the words of an uneducated person who doesn't know the importance of the presence of the experts in the quality of education that affects the whole society.

      sacrificing and demonizing good elements for their opinions and criticizing whatever their opinions are, to keep a group of people satisfied is betraying science.

    • Cool story bro.

  • We don't know what the real story is. He may have been making those sexist comments for years and finally karma got the best of him. Some one nailed him at last.

  • I don't think he should be forced to resign over that. He should just apologize and everyone should move on with their life

  • "My own opinion is that women should stop being whiny and so easily react to opinions of people."
    You didn't exactly prove men wrong yourself, when you decided to cancel your semester because of that one opinion and didn't fight for that guy's right to stay in that class.

    He even admitted at that conference that he had a reputation of being a chauvinist.

    If you acknowledge that he's very important in his field and thus whatever comes out of his mouth matters to people who worship him, you should also agree that it could lead to consequences such as his followers only hiring male scientists, because women are such a distraction to them, lowering the glass ceiling to even lab jobs.
    Really, all women should be taught in gender-segregated schools, universities and work in gender-segregated firms to avoid being a distraction to men.

  • I wouldn't really take offense to what he said. It's his opinion and it may be right, it may be wrong. Not everyone is the same. Plus his comment can be applied to any other field and it'll still just be one person's opinion (even if others agree, some won't).

    I agree and think people were overreacting to his opinion. If anything, these types of comments (that he made) would make me want to prove him wrong. I would be professional and not let my personal feelings get in the way of my work.