Class and work out till 7 am- 3 pm. looking for a summer job from 4 pm -midnight. how hard is that to find and what types of jobs offer those hours?


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  • Restaurant jobs or maybe working in a bar. Most open in the late afternoon.


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  • You can try restaurants if you are good at services. Avoid places that don't give out tips unless you have no other choice. The pay is minimal and the conditions are horrible sometimes. A lot of them will almost always look for more people. Most restaurants will give out tips and a decent restaurants can give you $100~$200 extra a week.

    If you can look nice and professional and have training/experience in services then you can always try fine dining restaurants. In a crowded city, a good Saturday, a single table tip can be around $200~$500. You really really have to be good at socializing and servicing to work well here though.

    • I've never worked in a restaurant but i like people.. still I don't know if d be good at it. though I don't know how id get good without having any experience. why are they looking--is it a high turn over rate. people get fired or quit regularly?

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    • It really depends, small restaurants only have wait staff and kitchen staff. larger ones might have other positions.

    • ohhh ok thanks. I didn't know.

  • and free-time?

    • working out is free time... i enjoy it. swim hike basketball soccer rock climbing... love it:)

    • oh well i see... hope u don't get overexhausted at least

  • In retail finding a job with those hours is fairly easy. Almost any supermarket will hire for those closing hours but keep in mind retail sucks ass and can be rather stressful.

    • hmm, thank you for your answer. have you worked in a supermarket?

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    • what does courtesy clerk do?

    • im assuming stockers stock:)

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  • You need to be able to except your gunna not get the best paying and respectable job first, then for actually finding A job it depends on where you live, and what you want to do. If your interested in food somewhat, and your good with people I'd try being a waiter. There are apps out there that are like a few buxks that help with your resume. a lot of them are worth the few bucks. Printing off whatever many copies you need, id go to restaurants and give it to them even if they say they aren't hiring. But being a waiter pays good in tips and the hours fit. It really depends on where you live. Look for local shops and stuff that interest you and see if they need work if not leave a resume, can't hurt. I know you didn't exactly ask what I answered with but yea.

    • yeah in not looking force 'good' job i mean I've got no degree so lol not expecting anything great- just a summer job. i dont have a resume as I've never worked officially. so im probably going to have to rely on face to face contact with managers who just happen to be looking and get a good vibe from me and or jobs with a high turn over.

      thing about waiting is the actual money is horrible. if you have a slow night you make basically nothing. I don't know if its better to gamble on that or just stick with sucky but consistent minimum wage.,

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    • thank you. and right forgot there's other stuff on the resume:)

    • im getting a degree in theater sand anthropology... which i guess you can pretty much put anything in there that involves people, and call it theatrical or anthropological ;p