Do I sound weird?

I'm 17 and most days I'm just chilling. I work full time and I commute to the city on an hour bus ride so some days I'll wake up at 4am and get home at 5-6pm. I live with my grandma right now and am trying to save up money to buy a used car and move out on my own. I don't have many friends in my current city as I just moved here but most of my friends live in a different state. I'm going to college this September to start my degree. People would describe me as a sweetheart and very nice but I don't know. I have an eating disorder right now and I'm trying my best to control it and it's just tough. I've been through a lot at such a young age. At the end of the day I just want my degree.
I really like cats, animals, books, traveling, adventures, exercise, and being alone. I'm pretty extroverted and love to talk to others.


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  • Ur just very ambitious m8. Nothing to be ashamed of. You got goals n people can respect that. Just don't 4get to enjoy the joys of life along the way.


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  • You... sound just like me when I was younger. Work on the eating disorder because the amount you will spend on repairing it is not worth it and I am sure you're perfect. Also, I understand what it's like to go through shit from a young age. I have good feelings that you will be somebody, just take good care of yourself the best you can, alright?