Is it strange that this happened?

OK my mom my dad and my parents friend and I was talking about stuff then he was tell stories when I was little out of no where my dad slap my butt I felt so uncomfortable. My mom and my parents friend said that I don't like giving affectionate and my dad said no joking around and then he huge me , I still felt strange when he slap my butt
I know that he was joking around is like when he wrestling my brother
so isorry it strange that your own father slap your butt


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  • slapped yer butt at 22? man that's weird...

    • Yeah it is then why he does it I know I'm that affectionate but man I hope he stop doing those creep 💩

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    • I did and I gave him a wtf face I dislike when he does that it's so disgusting this is one of the reason I'm not affectionate person it's just so distributing

    • @canbrave I just see it going into incest... I'm so sorry child...

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