Reviews on orange is the new black?

I've heard orange is the new black is supposed to be really good but I've watched a few episodes from season one. And I'm unsure what to think.


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  • I watched 10mins on netflix then said fuck that and watched some Louis Theroux instead, I thought it was dumb, slow moving and I found the actors irritating for some reason.


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  • If you are unsure, try to decide whether watching more episodes is worth your time. I mean, the clock is always ticking so I think it's important to have the ability to back out of things that are not fun to you. I used to have a tendency to complete series for the sake of completing them, but it's a huge waste of time.


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  • Personally, I love that show and I'm so excited the new season is here. It might take you some time to really get into it if you've only seen a couple of episodes from season one. I really like the show though simply due to the characters and the various plots.