What do you think about this song?

This song lets people know that mexicans are not just gardener's or field workers it shows we are more and can do more!!! Hit the like botton 👍 if you like the song down below 👇

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And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Sorry forgot to put the song
Reposted the question with song


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  • Dont care for it at all... but then again i never cared for this kinda "music"...


What Guys Said 2

  • Terrible "music."

    • Go hate somewhere else

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    • I dont block people because there is no need to, other people can say they dont like the song and im ok with that because they are not assholes about it, i dont like all your negative comments like on my previous questions just stay out of my questions

    • How in the heck do you let people disagree with you then? Not everyone is all happy-go-lucky all the time. You know that people go through different moods, right?

      If you're not going to block me, then I'll block you. Just trying to help here.

      Congratulations! You are now the first person I have ever blocked on G@G!

  • That feel when you're brown and want to want to have a garden 😪