Why do the rest of us owners of a strong dog breed get blamed for the few bad ones on the news?

Not sure why are there some people still thinking that some dog breeds are born killers. She's nearly 8 years old now and has done nothing to anyone, hardly even barks. Overly friendly that unlike their teories about my breed being a killer, it would even be nice to a robber. She’s not a natural guard dog.

But just a couple days ago when I was walking her to the park like usual, this couple got leery right after I replied what breed it was. Then I got told ‘’Be careful be that breed’’. I had a couple very rude comments on my facebook such as ‘’Keep that killer away from kids, it needs to be put down’’ or ''Let's see what you have to say when that thing mauls someone else''.

It’s getting ridiculous. Plus, there were times the reporters can’t even get the name of breed right. For instance there were several times, it was really a Mastiff or some other dog that doesn’t even look at all like my breed and yet they keep getting it all wrong.


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  • I've met only good Pit Bulls, which I'm assuming she is, and STILL get told, "well they're aggressive" and can't get told why besides the same old, "Well on the news..." bullshit. I've been bit by dogs however. All of them were smaller breeds or "Americas favorite pet". I've been bit by an aggressive puggle, a horny lab that started humping my leg and bit my arm when I tried getting him off, and a shit zhu (i think thats how its spelled) that bolted out of the house just to bite my friends and I who were walking home! My friend had two Pit Bulls and they were sweet as ever. The only time they got aggressive was when Leah had puppies. But even then, they were still sweethearts. Dino even thought he was a lap dog and would CONSTANTLY try sitting on me. I let him though. He was warm :).

    I hate how uneducated people are. You never should blame a dog for how its trained. Also, I've heard people literally say, "if a CHILD is raised in a bad neighborhood, they can be good." as an answer to that. A CHILD. A human child. A child won't answer to bitchface when he/she is older, but a dog will answer to anything. That being said, a dog will do anything its told to do, that includes fighting. Like seriously, why do people think breed bans are the right thing to solve issues like this? You're taking away good dogs from great owners and families to hurt a few assholes who eventually work around the ban and find a NEW breed to use. I honestly want them to use Golden Retrievers or Labs as fighting dogs, lets see how fast the numbers and facts for how useless the law is presents themselves.

    I'm sorry for ranting, but this gets me riled up. I love these so-called "aggressive breeds" such as Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans. I like big dogs, I like them a lot. I like the breed too. But apparently they're so aggressive you need to give a copy of your renters insurance to adopt one!

    I'm gonna stop now. I'm just gonna go on and on. I'm really sorry for ranting, but I truly do get ticked off by stupid shit like this. I want to be a vet, and if a ban ever comes along that requires me to put down Pit Bulls, fuck that. I'm quitting and protesting that shit.


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  • You mean like Rottweiler's, Pittbull's, Boxer's, Doberman's... Or any other breed of dog that would fall under this category?

    It's unfortunate trust me I know I love animals especially dogs it's just the stereotype they get for their physical appearance or for their aggression when really most of them really aren't aggressive at all. Sure some of them were trained that way but that's like saying the same goes for humas should we kill a whole race of humans that doesn't have parents, grew up in a bad neighborhood, wenrent raiser right, etc? Not all dogs are like this though some of these dogs do get along better with adults than children.

    • She's a pit and yes it's sad how ignorant some people are. The problem lies with bad owners. They are the ones making aggressive dog. Even a Collie would turn aggressive if abused or trained poorly.

  • What breed is it? And some people are dumb asswholes so yeah. That is harash to say to someone about their dog :/ really nasty

    If its a pitbull then I'm not surprised

    • yes, it is
      Sucks that there are closed-minded people and dumb reporters that keep saying it was a pitbull on every single attack, even when the dog like absolutely nothing like it.

    • Pitbulls DO have a mean streak but they aren't all horrible. Any dog can be a bad one if the owner sucks.

    • Your second sentence is what I've trying telling them over and over: terrible owner makes aggressive dog. Even an average Collie will turn aggressive if abused or trained to attack. It's bad owners that shouldn't even own any dog.

  • I haven't had much issue really, and I've always had dobies..
    But I know where you're coming from

    • She's a pit so I have to deal with all these judgmental folks.

    • I've never met a mean pit.. Some annoying ones haha, but not mean.
      I guess they do have more of a stigma than dobies

  • I have Pitts and Rottweiler so I get this all the time but honestly my dogs behave better than some people's children


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  • Same reason why many people think all Muslims are crazy terrorists.

    But honestly. 'Killer' dogs are more unpredictable and it's more than simply a matter of how the owner raised them. They are built to hunt and kill way moreso than your average dog, and it shows in their personality. Not talking out of my ass, one of my best friends is a dog-trainer.

    I understand that the comments can be very hurtful though! And people simply find them intimidating; they just want to make sure your dog doesn't become another statistic at the cost of their own safety.

    Props to you for not raising it like a killer, though!

    • Yeah was talking normally just recently to someone else. Again I was asked ''What breed it is''. When I again replied ''She's a pit''.. suddenly there I get the ''Oh my'' concerned looks.

      I don't any dog is a killer. It's really the dumb owner that makes it one. Any dog would get aggressive if abused or trained to attack.

    • That is true, but just like some humans are naturally more aggressive due to hormones, certain breeds of dogs have a tendency for agression moreso than others. Any dog has the potential to be aggressive if it was encouraged to be, you are very right.

      And while I wouldn't shout such stupid shit at you for coming near my child with your dog, I simply can't help feeling a little cautious nonetheless. Prejudice is sadly a powerful thing.

  • I actually barely see any sort of violence committed by dogs on the news, personally I'll be having a German Shepard when I live in my own house, great family dog and they will rip an intruder to shreds which is good.

  • It's called a "generalization".