How do atheists suppose time started?

It had to have a beginning, time couldn't have existed f. o. r. e. v. e. r. That would be an infinite regression.

So how do atheists consider time started?

It's impossible for time to have always existed because it's linear, it would be an infinite regress for it to have existed forever.
Time going on for forever is impossible y'all.


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  • Firstly, why would anyone take what any atheist or theist says about time seriously? Or any sort of math or science related things? Do you ask a atheist/theist how to mix paints a certain way for certain types of art? You could, but I'm sure a painter would give a more reliable answer.

    That painter could happen to be a atheist/theist, but whichever they are is irrelevant to the question. If I want to know something about math or science I ask people that study it everyday for years and years. Not just one person, many. Atheism/theism is irrelevant to the discoveries they find. They might influence their discoveries, but biased discoveries will most likely be uncovered; It's just a matter of time.

    And time is the topic. Time could possibly be a measurement of differences or rate of change. If nothing changes, does time pass? If nothing changes, does anything exist? I don't study this stuff so I have no clue. And most likely, neither does anyone else. No one ever witnessed or measured lack of change or absence of everything. So there is no way to say for sure that change/time started or couldn't have existed forever. There is no way to test those claims, and most scientists wouldn't even consider trying at this point in time.

    I'm not sure if I'm answering the question you're asking though. What do you mean by time? What do you mean by a beginning? What do you mean by atheist? Do you find something wrong with infinite regression? If so, can you explain? Or can you rephrase your question to state more specifically what you want answered? Assuming I am answering incorrectly.

    • This is a cop out.

      "If nothing changes, does time pass?"

      Yes, because "nothing changes".

      What do I mean by time? Good question. The best way o could articulate it is the "continuation".

      An infinite regression is logically impossible. In mathematics, it wouldn't be possible to represent something with infinity. And we use math to represent time everyday.

      If you don't believe in a creator, in an uncaused cause, in an unmoved mover, how was time created?

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    • There's a lack of reason in your arguments mrf284212.

      I'm done with this conversation since I'm obviously not getting anywhere with you. lol

    • I'm not really making many arguments, I'm mostly questioning yours.

      Unless you know a way to show evidence to prove there is no evidence of a god. Because I can't figure that one out. How can a person argue that claim? Where is my lack of reasoning in that?

      Where's my lack of reasoning in the list of cosmologists. I couldn't find any of them talking about any of the topics we are talking about. Can you quote one of them for me, so I can see how they are supporting your claims?

      You're not getting anywhere because you think you saying something is true, makes it true. Did you read about this stuff somewhere? You had to have learned it from someone or somewhere. Can you tell me what you've read or where you read it, so I can better understand your view? That's all I'm asking. I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm asking what makes you think you are right. Show me where you learned this stuff.


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  • Time is only a construct, it never started and it will never end.

    • Time is so great isn't?

    • Then how are we able to keep track of it? How do explain the scientific discoveries that space and time are codependent.

    • Because time is something we've literally invented ourselves, it wouldn't have taken early humans much time to realise that the seasons predicted themselves in an orderly fashion, and these changes were related to the sun's position in the sky over multiple days.

  • How to religious people think god (or who ever) was created?

    • He can't be created if there's no time genius.

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    • @mrf284212 yeah I think I'm leaving theses questions. Sorry bye

    • I'm just tried of answering them. Ur name is reay hard to type

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  • Don't know but just because I don't know doesn't mean that the only explanation is that magical man in the sky created it.

  • Time always existed it doesn't make sense to say it started at some point in time. The answer has something to do with science yet again.

    • Think of it this way, if infinity existed then numbers wouldn't exist because we wouldn't know where to start counting. It's impossible.

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    • We need to understand time as a physical dimension like height and length. Height and length are just measurements and they can extend to all directions. Same with time except it just goes backward and forward. We're we start measuring is arbitrary. Making sense of the universe is an ongoing scientific field

    • Google what an infinite regress is and then get back to this convo.

  • God tells man exactly how this world was created and even told how the world would evolve. God also pointed out that there is nothing new under the sun so there are possibly other worlds.

    Athiest think some guy name bob flipped a swithch and bob was a monkey.

    • Where did God say this? All you really have is some stuff written by some guys a long time ago and like most mythologies of that time, they got a lot of things wrong. You can close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears and go "Bible bible bible" but that's not a serious position.

    • I take it that you have never traveled and seen for your self. The bible only tells part of the story. Were you aware that Jesus impacted this world in such a world that we as a planet count the days since his passing, is that a fluke or a pipe dream. Jesus had blood brothers through his mother, where are his decendants? Pull you head out of your ass or while you are there, kiss your bum good by, because you are one lost kitten.

    • "Jesus had blood brothers through his mother, where are his descendants?" What are you implying from that? I don't understand why you mentioned that as an argument toward theism.

  • Technically, time didn't start. There can't be time for there to be no time, otherwise there would be time. There always was time.

    • My answer too

    • "There can't be time for there to be no time."

      There doesn't need to be time for there to be no time, there just needs to be something that transcends time. I suggest you research the Big Bang theory.

    • @kobe23
      You've missed the entire point of my answer. I was speaking about this logically. You can infer my conclusion based on the way time is. This does not require god (s) to explain my answer.

  • "time couldn't have existed forever"

    Time is just a construct we as humans invented to keep track of things. In the bigger picture it may simply be an illusion to think that time works as we perceive it, even that the very notion of time exists at all.

    • The hypothesis of time being a non-linear thing is very interesting too. Mind boggling stuff.

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    • It's ridiculous.

    • Just like the notion that the Earth is actually a sphere in times long past. Yes that sounds like a cop-out to justify any wild theory out there as 'possibly real', but it also solves the Entropy Paradox. I personally do not have the grey matter to completely decide on my own whether the theory holds merit or not.

  • in my opinion time never started nor is going to end. it's just a label we've attached to the passing of time.
    i could come up with all sorts of ideas but at the end of the day no human will ever know.

  • We don't need to have an answer for everything. Some things we'll never know the answer to, and that's how it should be.

  • The debate isn't settled, it's possible that time has always existed, just like you believe your god has always existed. If nothing was necessary to create god then you can't say that something was necessary to start time because you just admitted that you believe there was something that was never started but always was.

    • The problem is it's been proven in the scientific community that time and space had a beginning at the Big Bang. It's also illogical for time to have always existed because it's linear, which makes it an infinite regression.

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    • Also I want to point out that a big flaw in your argument is viewing time as having the properties of objects, and thus applying the same logic to the concept of time as you would to any physical object, in that you assume that it cannot be infinite. What you are not considering is the idea that time is a dimension (which is what is meant when physicists talk about space-time) in the same way that length, width and height (representing the x, y and z axes) are. Just as is the case with length, width and height, a single real object cannot reach towards infinity in any of the dimensions but the dimensions themselves are infinite. Time seems one directional but we do not actually know if this is the case. It could very well be that time acts like any other dimension but we are unable to comprehend it that way because we are only capable of perceiving the first three dimensions.

  • I don't know, and your answer is essentially the same: "I don't know therefore God". You are no closer to an answer than I am.

    • What if theists did know o. O

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    • I also know God exists because when I have faith in him things go my way.

      -not trolling or joking-

      I don't know why you're trolling lol, I'm not trying to change your opinion, I just like proving that atheists are incompetent.

    • Give me every example you can think of, of things going your way when you put faith in your god.

      If you're not joking, what does "You know that there is a website called gag, what are you called?" mean, because I don't get it. And please don't insult me while doing it or ignore my question. I don't want you to think I'm forcing you to use ad hominem arguments and deny everything.

      I never said you were trying to change my opinion, nor am I trying to change yours. I'm just trying to understand where you are getting the information for your opinion. I want to read about it. I'm trying to open my mind and learn about other people, but I feel you don't want to accept that.

      Can you show me where you proved atheists are incompetent?

  • It's called science. There are only theories because of carbon dating and how the tiniest bacteria started evolving. Human's didn't spontaneously appear out of nowhere.

    • How is that relevant?

    • It's relevant because hardcore religios think the earth is 6000 years old, that Adam and Eve were the first 2 humans. All other reasoning points to human evolution and things evolving over millions of years. The concept of "time" was invented by humans, and they have evidence of how long things have been around. We just can't prove how long the universe has been around.

  • How did god started?

    • Isn't god the creator? Not if u agree on this I mean in ur way if he was there

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    • Come to think of it I vaguely remember that it does say "there was nothing", or, " there was only darkness" or some such...

    • I dunno, I guess it doesn't seem any less likely to me that "there was nothing, and then all of a sudden there was time and junk floating through space", than, "there was nothing and then there was an infinitely powerful being who made everything because"...

  • I guess they think it has a always been going on.

  • Could god have existed f. o. r. e. v. e. r. because you need the same logic for that. Science has only come so far and basically everything that happened before the big bang is not able to be studied at least with any means we can conceive of.

    • God doesn't fall in the same category as time, he would transcend it...

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    • Well no, it doesn't make sense no more so than anything else.

    • And you're welcome to believe that.

  • The big bang theory author was a Christian so I'm not sure...