Isn't this unfair or what?

Almost all my friends from my track and field team are doing great records on a national level and most of them are getting the record criteria for youth world championship and other big events like that. And Im here... multiple times injured, struggling to run a decent 100m dash... at training. I can't help getting jealous too :/ am I bad for doing so?


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  • It's okay to be jealous because you're human, but don't let it control you. Be happy for your friends and focus on continuing to get well again. Set personal goals for yourself and work toward competing with your friends instead of against them. You reap what you sow after all :)


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  • Injuries are a expected part of every sport. And jealously will only find a way to eat away the one holding on to it.

    • but i can't help it.. im injured since November and I haven't run a single race since last summer at the national championship...

    • You can't make it better with envy. Only hurt yourself inside.

  • You shouldn't feel jealous, but you should see it more as motivation