What are the changes you under go when You Are Drunk?

We all know that Alcohol can influence our actions, so I felt like listing a few of them here to see if you can recognize yourself in one of them :)

  • I can still think Logical, but I can't bring out a single understandable word...
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  • I feel like a zombie shot in the leg, I can't move properly and might need some help
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  • I get all touchy, I'm hanging over my friends like I'm their jacket
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  • I get verbally agressive or just very emotional
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  • I get verbally stronger and feel more relaxed and confident #TheTalker
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  • I feel like passing out... or I just throw up and feel 'healed' again
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  • I'm not a drinker... I'm the Guardian Angel for my friends who DO drink #SelfControl
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I say things that make sense to me but nobody else. I never get aggressive, just happy and more confident. My co-ordination goes to hell though


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What Girls Said 2

  • I can think sober thoughts but stuff weirdly just doesn't come out that way 😄 I get really happy, bright fun and confident and to be honest I'm glad I get happy but I'd never use it as a mechanism

  • smile more, warm, relaxed, less tense, a mix of quiet and chatty


What Guys Said 3

  • When I get drunk it's like my eyes are lagging behind. If I look around quickly, vision gets blurry. Reportedly, my voice is a lot deeper and I am much more prone to burst out a song out of nowhere.

  • I get so loud, but I stay nice.

  • I can think fine but the world spins and I keep falling over and if I'm really drunk then puking too