Can anyone explain this?

For the past few weeks I feel emptiness inside.. I go out with my friends, laugh and so on, but it's like my mind is hanging outside of my body watching my body doing those things.. I'm here but at the same time I'm not.. It's not depression, nothing big happened lately, just a few stressful situations but nothing that could lead me to depression.. One part of me wants everything (go out, have fun, do crazy things..) and the other part is empty, like I'm missing something but really don't know what.. Can anyone explain this?


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  • how can you not say that it's not depression?

    • Well I don't have all of the symptoms for depression, I just don't feel depressed..

    • you feel emptiness and no excitement in your life because everything seems so tedious

    • How can I change this?


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  • We call it "Loneliness".


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  • It's depression, you don't have to have this BIG situation in your life to have depression, depression is an illness and it's not just a period. I say wait for a bit to see if you feel like that in the future, maybe it's just a period.