What does put you off in a opposite gender? Friend or romantic partner?

Bad memory put me off. Its because I always remember what a person says. Im always paying attention to what he's saying and if by any chance he forget that he said something like this or like that, greatly i will be turned off. Once-twice is okay but if so often, thats bad isn't it.


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  • Basic ethical/moral values (world view) that differ a lot from mine. I can't be friends - let alone lovers - with somebody who has very different ideas on most political, religious and philosophical topics that I do. That doesn't mean I can't take differences of opinion. Not all my friends agree with everything I believe. But there has to be a large common denominator. Also, I can't take people who don't care about these things at all. It's okay not to have a clear opinion about it but you should at least be informed. I come from Switzerland where being politically well-informed is particularly important because we are the only direct democracy in the world, so we decide all the big issues on a direct democratic basis. When you live in a country where you are given the huge privilege to have so much power as a normal citizen, I don't find it okay (in fact I find it appalling) to just say something like "I don't care about this stuff, I prefer partying". Unfortunately, a lot of young people tend to be like that.


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  • It they're rude and a dick