Why is feminism still a thing in the modern age?

I support feminism back in the 1900's when they were fighting to vote and those kinda things, and I support feminism in places like the Middle East where they are oppressed, but feminism in places like America and Europe is just a joke. What's your opinion on this?


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  • Well I'm a feminist. I don't think being part of an issue means your only there when there's action it means your genuinely care and are waiting for whenever your allied to action again. Also women in the Middle East will need other places to support them so that they're heard by their peers and government. And I'm here to help.
    Also "those who don't learn from their past are doomed to repeat it" I'll tell my kids all about how feminism has helped people and about how women face oppression, so that they grow up with an understanding and care for these issues. The key is really indoctrinating the youth.
    Just because I can vote doesn't mean I have to stop beig a feminist. No where in the definition of feminist does it say "only when relevant or only during oppression" if you believe in feminist teachings then your feminist. The time doesn't matter only what you believe in matters
    Feminism in the modern world tries to tackle social things like empowering your fellow women and I didn't know telling other women that they're awesome was ridiculous. Teaching my daughter that she doesn't have to be photoshopped or wear makeup to be beautiful is a good thing. It's not political or anything but I think it's still an important message for me to send to my youth and peers.


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  • I always get confused by these kinds of questions. You don't support the equality of the sexes? Because that is what you're saying when you call feminism a "joke" in places like the United States or Europe . Sure, there are extremists-- as there are in many branches of beliefs. But most feminists I know are not. Personally, I identify as a feminist on the grounds that I would like to see everyone treated equally. And personally, I don't like the idea of someone belittling my, and every such woman's, right to equality, just as I would have a problem with belittling anyone else's right to be equal. Besides, you can't deny that women are objectified and over-sexualized-- ESPECIALLY in the US. In the media, the workplace, on the streets, women are sexualized far more than men. We have to fear walking alone at night. Many young girls have to cover their shoulders so as to not "distract" young boys in school. A woman's sexual freedom is shamed (ex: slut-shaming) while a man's is admired. So actually, the fact that we are still perceived as inferior is the real "joke."

    • Feminism isn't about equality anymore. It hasn't done anything for men in a long time, despite the fact that men also suffer from sexism.

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    • Seeing as you blocked me, I'll have to post my response to your opinion here.
      Clearly you're missing my point. As I said, I'm not trying to "justify" any of the injustices that happen to men. The problem is you believing that feminism is the reason those problems go unnoticed/not as noticed as they should. Let me clarify what I was trying to say earlier. Feminism is striving for equality from a women's rights perspective. But do I think men's rights issues should be talked about more? Of course! Do I think steps need to be taken to protect and help abused and/or raped men? Absolutely! And I know many many other feminists would agree with me. And when I say there aren't as many issues, I mean numerically speaking cases of rape, molestation, domestic violence etc. tend to happen more TO women instead of them initiating. Yes, you make a good point that some women are stronger and do use alcohol to their advantage, it is just much less common. @Maverickj

  • As long as people victim-blame females who have been raped, as long as doing things "like a girl" is an insult, as long as women get treated like sex objects/accessories (just look at the magazines and music videos), as long as people slut-shame, as long as men keep threatening to murder/abuse/rape women in order to make them obey (has happened to me both online and in real life), as long as people think it's the woman's "job" to be in the kitchen and to take care of the kids, as long as people keep making jokes that diminishes the seriousness concerning rape and abuse, as long as men think they have a say in terms of what happens/doesn't happen with a woman's body (hair color, clothes, etc), as long as people tell girls they are "asking for it", as long as men think it's ok to take advantage of someone who's drunk/passed out, as long as women aren't being taken seriously because they're just "emotional and irrational", as long as guys think they have the right to harass girls in the street, as long as men lash out on girls who are confident (google "byefelipe"), as long as men feel entitled to sex/dates (lashing out when getting rejected) and as long as people are completely oblivious to all of these things happening in the western world that's supposed to be "developed" and "free" and "equal", feminism is very much needed.

    • And as long as feminists spew hateful, generalizations, and try to get people to see all men as evil, stupid, sociopaths, as long as they keep coming out with false debunked statistics to try and justify their irrational hatred of men, as long as there are people who USE their brains, and realize what the feminist movement is, there will be people against it.

  • Until it's no longer weird or unexpected for a woman to be a computer engineer or a man to be a stay-at-home parent, we'll need feminism in North America and Europe .

    • So right now then! Good to know!

    • @genuinlysensitive I'd love to live in the dream world that you do. Any spots available?

    • I work with a couple of female comp engineers, they are good at their job, and no one thinks they are odd, a buddy of mine who programs for a forune 500 comany oversees a team of engineers with 3 women included, again nothing odd they are part of the family (work family anyway).

      I only know one house hubby, a former co worker who quit to spend more time with his daughter. We keep in touch, he is happy as a pig in mud, no one "opresses" or insults him.

      I do have some friends with stay at home wives, who are harassed on a regular basis as are their wives. Constantly told they are pigs and are "objectifying" thier wives, the wives called worthless, or told they have "internal misogony." Its their choice unless they choise something feminists dont like i guess.

      This fantasy world is called reality, perhaps you would like to join us in it?

  • Because gender equality is still a problem.
    You're saying women should be satisfied with the mirage of being equal?

    • No they are equal

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    • I'm not in either one of those countries...

      People outside of the UK and the US can't speak English?

      I'd get an education before speaking if I were you... =)


    • Ah the feminist who assumes that anyone who dissagrees with them is a stupid uneducated hick. Yawn.

  • Well, it depends about what kind of feminism you're talking about. If they're these crazy feminists who make all women seem like godesses and men like shitheads, then obviously they suck and don't deserve any attention. However, if they're just genuine people that want equality for both genders (which doesn't exist for BOTH genders at the moment) then it's perfectly normal.
    The amount of women that get raped in the USA and the extreme standards for men is ridiculous now, that's why feminism still needs to be a thing until things like this aren't an issue.

    • The crazy ones you are talking about are the ones running the movement, so yea the crazy ones making the decisions and trying to claim they speak for all women.

    • Look, there are plenty nice and genuine feminists out there. It's just you people, either focusing on the bad ones and ignoring the rest, or you just don't get out much and don't pay attention at all.
      On a scale of 0 - 100; 15 were horrible, 20 were not very well informed but had good intentions and the others were actually aware of this society's situation.
      But it's not because you have a basket of apple's and one is rotten, that you throw them all away.

  • Feminism doesn't have to only be in certain places just because women have equal standing in one place or another

    • I understand that but women should be focusing on where women are being oppressed. Women in the U. S. have nothing else to fight for in the U. S.

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    • As i said to another poster I assume you have ACTUAL proof of widespread discrimination, and not the just, women make less money on average than men on average so that is irrefutable proif of discrimination ofvwomen by men, claim that was debunked by econimists already.

      So lets see your "proof"

    • @genuinlysensitive the middle east :o

  • It doesn't bother me if a woman (or man) wants to stand up for their rights. I'm indifferent. Why should it bother me if it's not harming me?

  • Because women are still socially not allowed to do the same thing as men without being called out on it. Women are still shamed for having sex whereas men are praised. there's 100 examples of this. Also things like catcalling and rape still exist and feminism is a movement to stop that. Its also not just about women. Men can't wear female clothing if they want to because its shameful to be feminine.

    • So women call women sluts for sleeping around, that is men's fault? Some men are immature and catcall, and thats men's fault? Some men rape, and women who rape get off scott free because "women don't do that" and its somehow still men's fault? Starting to see a pattern?

      Also, men can and do wear whatever we want just as women.

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    • @9mfeo I do not rape or disrespect women, nor do the vast majority of men. In fact we go out of our way to help women. Andvyet feminists still blame men, because aparently, a few idiots are immature and catcall, all of a sudden men are trying to oppress women andvwe are so horrible and "why do men even exist as a species" etc.

    • @genuinlysensitive I'm guessing you missed my accountability vs. blame bit.

  • cause women still get paid about 14000€ a year less for doing the same job for example

    • That has actually been proven false

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    • it even compared sectors, exact job titels, work experience, numbers of people you're in charge of and so on... when you look at the salary per hour (to take part-time workers into account) there still is a huge difference! to put it simply, the pay gap is an ugly truth

    • A bold claim, I assume you have actual documentation of systemic discrimination, as opposed to the simple, "women as a whole make less than men as a whole, so that is irrefutable proof of sexism, and we must punish men for it." lie that was disproved when it started in the US?

      Let's see your "proof."

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  • I agree.

    I personally think that Feminism has fostered a bunch of disingenuous women in this country who only complain and take.

    They talk of Glass Ceilings but I really don't see it. There are a shit ton of female entrepreneurs and professionals. I think the feminist movement has become irrelevant now.

    It's at a point where I think they should just STFU and be happy that they live in such an awesome country like this one, where the majority treats women with respect and deference. As you said, there are other countries where women have their vaginas sewn shut or have some other barbaric thing done to them just because they bat an eyelash at the men. And that's what I mean, they just don't understand when they have it good.

    • Just because we are not mutilated or tortured by men doesn't mean that we "have it good" and live in an "awesome country." Oh, and I would consider rape "barbaric," would you not? And that tends to happen when women simply "bat an eyelash" at men. We live in a state of constant vigilance and inferiority that CAN be improved upon with the disappearance of sexism. How would you like to have to live in fear when walking alone at night? Or to be paid less than women for doing the same job? That is not equality, and that's what feminists here fight for.

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    • I agree with @LightsOff
      If "maleness" is defined by the animalistic and uncontrollable behavior that you describe, then what kind of a world do we live in? Men are not aggressive or hierarchical by nature. If they exhibit these behaviors it is indicative of their upbringing and their own, unique personality type. Sure, one could argue that men "pursue" more than women, but that is far different from behaving like testosterone-fueled animals. Most men do have self-control.
      But you're right. Feminism alone can't solve how some men behave. As a society we need to see no separation between sexes, and treat everyone like the human beings they are. You see a guy trying to roofie a woman? Step in and stop it. You see a man getting beat up? Call the cops and/or intervene if you're able. It isn't specific to the abuse of women, though there just tend to be more cases of that then abuse of men at the hands of a woman.

    • As for the wages part, being timid about asking for greater pay is not specific to women. Again it has to do with personality type. Some men may feel a bit uncomfortable being assertive whereas some women will barge right in and ask for a raise. It's not black and white

  • I don't think it's a joke - there are still issues for women in the West.

    What is a joke is when it becomes all about how men are so dominant and evil etc.

    It seems to me that women my age are racing ahead, and that men are just humans, some of us are very successful, some are very dominant, some are sexist, some are not, some are losers, many are lost.

    You can't complain about sexism and then spend all your time talking crap about men. That is absurd.

    • Also, I forgot the important detail that men have a LOT of really serious problems too. To some feminists, they don't seem to exist at all.

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    • @Bards: Nice :) Thanks for the recommendation!

    • No problemoo

  • It will always exist. They constantly find ridiculous things to complain about, and where they have nothing to complain about they just lie and create things to complain about.

    • Professional feminists especially have no identity outside of playing victim. I recently read an article by Jessica Valenti who said that patriarchal substructures are the cause of female suicide, despite the fact that over 30 years the male suicide rate has risen from being 2x as many as women to 4x as many as women. So basically she's complaining about something that affects men more than women. Pathetic.

  • You were barely around in the 1900's...

    • Oh so you were alive when women won the right to vote. Please tell me what that was like. They're called book. Just because I didn't live during a time doesn't mean I don't know anything about it.

    • I'm just saying... well two things actuallu: you throw the word "support" around rather loosely, I suspect (tell me, how are you supporting feminism in the middle east), and tell me more about you already know everything and are going to change the world with back-handed faux questions where you've already slapped down anyone who would try to give you an answer you don't already agree with

      ("Why do you think feminism etc etc...", "... feminism is a joke"... Doesn't really seem that you're even going to give the least consideration to the answers that you're asking people to take time out of their days to give you)

  • Both men and women suffer from sexism, so I believe egalitarianism is the way to go. Men suffer from many issues which go completely unreported thanks to feminism.

    • Feminism is the equality of the sexes, it is just based around advocating for women's rights. Feminism therefore does not hinder the expansion of men's rights-- you don't hear about it as much because factually there are not as many issues pertaining to men's rights as there are to women's

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    • @ssmmmll19 Domestic violence happens to women a bit more, but not nearly enough to justify the fact that male domestic violence victims get NO help whatsoever. In fact, 40% of domestic violence victims in the US are men. And rape is still a threat to men. Not all men are stronger than all women, and of course women can take advantage of intoxicated men just as well. Dismissing the problem because all men are supposedly stronger is just dumb. Besides, a strength difference doesn't mean the weaker one can't just pull out a weapon of some sort. Enough with your blatant sexism.

    • Amen brother! If I hear another feminist complain that "women don't rape!" or male rape victims "don't matter" I think I'm gonna puke! God they make me sick!

  • It is still a thing because feminism is was and always will be about hurting men. They started when women were inequal, and couldnt even vote for Gods sake, so their spreading of hatred of men seemed justified. Their real motivation was to get sympathizers into goverment, media, and education, so once equality was achived they could reveal their blatant sexism andvhave enough support in society for it to be acceptable.

  • Now that women got their rights, they now want domination and control over men.

  • If it was a good thing then it's a good thing now.

    • No, things change. They have accomplished what they set out to do. Now they are not fighting for equality, they are fighting for dominance.

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    • You can't compare feminism to smoking.

    • How is spreading hatred of men ok in ANY century? Or is it just ok because its not hating women?