How can I start losing weight?

I am 5'0 and 175lbs. I am extremely over weight by at least 50 lbs and losing weight is EXTREMELY hard for me.

I dont eat healthy, my parents do not buy healthy food. I've tried exercising so many times by just doing jumping jacks and sit ups and crunches and all those kinds of things in my bedroom to my favorite music but I get bored so easily so then I stop exercising. I don't have a treadmill or any exercise equipment. We can't afford it. I don't have a gym membership we can't afford it.

I am so unhealthy, so tired of being fat and overweight and I just really really need help.
Everytime I exercise I never see results. I need to eat healthy but I can't stand healthy foods. My parents never motivate me to lose weight and I have extremely low will power. As were speaking my mom is eating chips. My dad always offers me candy and chips as well when he knows I'm overweight and trying my best to get skinny. Nothing helps.

Is there any advice you could give me? Foods that are good to eat? Ways to burn quick fat? Please :(

I also do not go out places because like I said we can't afford it and I barely have any friends and I have no ride to get out. My dad is always working and my mom doesn't drive. I just have now where to go. Food is my comfort :(


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  • Trying to lose weight takes a lot of commitment and motivation so you really need to find some motivation I recommend going on sparkteens. com. Here's my advice. Drink LOTS of water and cut down on sugary drinks. Drinking water helps you flush out all the waste in your body. Eat smaller portions and eat very slow. This is what helped me lose weight the most actually! It takes 20 minutes for your brain to get the message that you're full. If you eat fast and with bigger portions you'll just end up overeating. Exercise is VERY important. I recommend anything to do with aerobics. Running, walking, hiking, swimming and my favorite was dancing. Zumba works well and you don't need to go the gym or a class for it. I watched videos on YouTube. by the way doing situps and crutches won't help you lose stomach fat. You can't target where you want to lose weight. Situps/crutches are more for developing abs. Another important factor is eating breakfast. It sounds cliche but it's true. You know how you get hungry usually every 4 hours well think about the long hours of sleep you get without eating. If you don't eat breakfast you'll be on starvation mode and you won't get the energy you need throughout the day. Do not skip any meals and your metabolism will increase this will help burn fat faster. You know those people that eat all they want and never gain? It's because they have a high metabolism. Eat a healthy snack in between meals when you're hungry like an apple, granola bar or a yogurt. Do not eat any junk food! You can cheat once a week like on the weekend. Try to eat everything with less calories for example if you eat eggs instead of frying them which has more calories, boil them. You're going to have to tell your parents about this. They play a huge role since they're buying the food and probably preparing it. And lastly don't try TOO hard. Don't even think of it as trying to lose weight let it become a lifestyle choice not a diet. I lost 40 pounds this way within a few months. Good luck on :)

    • Thank you so much! :) I liked all answers but yours really helped. By the way, all I drink is water!

    • No problem :) I did a lot of my research in those days which was really two years ago. I understand what it's like to not have money to go out or not having any friends to take you out especially on summer vacations but the internet helps greatly. Just watch YouTube videos :) and if you need any help make a sparkpage and let me know. We can be friends on there and I can message you.

    • @iSparkleBlonde just made one! My account user is Paulina528


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  • There's no quick way, kid. You just have to do it. Don't blame your parents either. I know they make it hard for you but you NEED to have the will power. If it's low then make it better, because you have to!

    Start this way - for snacks buy fruits that you like. Don't drink anything except for water. If you're poor then you should be on a food program at school, lunch tickets. Get the salads or the sandwiches - no Mayo.

    When you're at home make sandwiches, like Jared from Subway. If you hate healthy food just add it bit by bit. Start with whole wheat bread with turkey, then add just a FEW leaves of fresh spinach and bell pepper. Boom, you're done. The turkey and bread will drown out the veggies. Add a bit of salt or pepper for flavor. You can use condiments but condiments are empty calories that make you fat - Mayo is the worst.

    If you have a back yard then that's where you should work out. Interval training means short bursts of high activity broken up with short breaks. That's what you want to do because high activity like sprints help burn fat FASTER. Lifting weights burns fat FASTER. Exercise every other day. Rest on the other days. You can eventually start doing it every day if you want faster results.

    Workout: 10 Burpees, 15 squats, 20 step bear crawl. Look these things up on Youtube. That will be your first interval. Do it as fast as you can. If you get tired, catch a 2 second break and start up again until you finish. THEN you take your 3-5 minute break.

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  • Start by eating right. That much over weight and you should see some progress. Once the weight has come down a bit start doing exercises.

    No one actually looks and laughs at people exercising.

    Well maybe teenage boys but they are morons generally and you need to do this for your health. It's better to do it now than in a few year. It's easier to lose weight and gain muscle in younger years.

    • What foods should I eat?

    • You can't eat yourself thin.

      Avoid foods high in fat. Make sure the calories you eat are less than the calories you burn.

      Make sure you get enough vegetables to get enough minerals and vitamins. Fruit is ok but it is sugary especially juice so try to get most of the vitamins and mineral from vegetable instead.

  • The key to losing weight is in portion size. If you want to lose weight, lower the number of calories you take in. Excercising will help of course. But it really comes down to portion size

  • The only way to burn fat is to avoid the sugary processed 'low-fat' artificial crap.

  • Start exercising. You lose weight slowly.

  • Stop eating fast food. Especially french fries. Do not eat fried food.
    Eat 80 procent vegetables and fruit.
    No processed food.
    Try walking or cycling to work every day.


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  • Find a hobby! Something you really like to do to keep you busy. If you don't have anyone to drive you anywhere WALK. Just walk, have long walks everyday and it will help you! Focus on something you really like, I'd suggest school. Go with your parents to the grocery store and make them buy you lots of fruits and vegetables. Cook your own food so you know what's inside of it and maybe you can cook even for your parents and help them get healthy with you! If you really want something, you'll find a way, always. I also suggest you to become vegetarian or at least to eat less meat which is full of fat. I've been veg for over 11 years and I'm 110 lbs and I never had any weight/health problems at all. I walk around 2 miles a day ( I walk to school instead getting the bus) and I run once a week. Also on youtube there are many fitness channels where you can watch workout videos for free.

    • My house is far from everything it would take me at least an hour to walk to the closest store.

    • 3 hours to walk to school.

  • Don't try too hard, and don't expect results immediately, it can take weeks to months to lose weight just by doing the moves you suggested above. I would suggest cutting down your food intake and trying to take a walk if you can around where you live. If you want to continue with the sit up try to work every morning and evening, doing as many as you can. Then, once you can easily do that many, work on increasing the amount. If you want, look up some moves online, and try to find moves that work on your abdomen area. Abdomen moves you can do mostly every day while the others you need a break between each day to let your muscles heal. You could also try saving up money for some workout videos; For a beginner like you I would suggest Slim in Six... once you get the money. Those help a lot. Or look them up on YouTube.

  • P L A N T B A S E D D I E T.

    But really. Find plant based recipes and foods to try. Eat as close to natural as possibly and cut out process foods and sweets (bread is ok. But watch the ingredients. If you don't know what it is/ can't pronounce it, leave it.)

    Exercise without a good diet is like doing you homework and not turning it in.

    • Feel free to message me if you need any help finding foods to try.