Do you believe that immortal and invincible super soldier secretly exists?

They have at least or more features listed:
1. Stronger than the operators of SEAL Team Six and Delta Force,
2. Cannot be harmed by knives, bullets, cannons, bombs and other weapons,
3. Run hundreds of without feeling tired,
4. Super accuate and clear shooting skills,
5. Not afraid of any extreme weather,
6. Much smarter than normal and common people,
And others.
Do you think government are secretly operating such researches and programs? Not necessarily successful already, but at least on the phase of experimenting.

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  • The closest thing to super soldiers we've come to that I know of is Stalin's human/ape hybrid experiments. I think it failed

  • Super soldiers? It's possible.

    INVINCIBLE soldiers? Fuck no.

    • Invincible here means cannot be harmed by bullets, bombs, cannons, knives, etc.

    • I know what it means, I can read. And I do not believe that an invincible soldier, who is actually human and not wearing some kind of super suit, can exist.

  • not yet at least...