What do you know about molly?

My friends are plannig on doing molly this Thursday and I'm worried that things will go wrong! I don't think there's anything wrong with doing certain drugs, but only if it's tested. I can't go with them to watch them, so i wanna know what molly is exactly.
I read some pretty contradictory info about the drug, so I'm curious to know what you guys know about it.


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  • I consider myself quite experienced with MDMA so I'll tell you what I know.
    Make sure you have plenty of water, but don't drink too much of it at once, just a a few sips every now and then.
    Take chewing gum, or something to chew on.
    You might want to be near a toilet becuse you might get what I call "come up shits" where you really need to poo when you start coming up.
    You might want at least one sober person there to make sure you don't fuck up.
    If you need any more information then just ask.


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  • be sure you're getting pure mdma because are sketch and like to the cut it with dirty shit.
    why even bother trying it if you're scared something is going to go wrong? that screams for you to have an awful trip.

    • I'll tell them that! Thanks, but i won't do it myself, I'll be at a boring ol' family dinner😂
      My friend don't seem to be worried bout a thing...

  • The internet cops and read this and are coming after you!!!