Christians out there, am I praying wrong?

If you're not religious and you're reading this, please don't trash on this question. I'm facing a time of a lot of internal conflict, pretty much about which path in life I should take, and a lot of my friends are telling me that the best thing I can do is pray about it, and God will reveal the answer. The only problem is, I don't think it's working right... I've heard stories from my friends about how God answered their prayers, but when I pray I feel like I'm talking into empty space. I mean, I know He's hearing them, but I'm not getting an answer... I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if He thinks it's not the right time to answer my prayers, or what, but I'm running out of time to make a decision. I just need some guidance, if anyone has any for me...


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  • One of the few things I remember from Sunday school is that "As long as you are talking to God, you are praying."

    That being said I feel much the same way as you do a lot of the time. That is why I am a fan of "God helps those who help themselves." In addition to prayer, I would suggest some introspection, as well as reaching out to loved ones, family and friends. If that doesn't work there is always the internet.

    Perhaps God is trying to work through people in your life or elsewhere, I'm told that happens sometimes. Perhaps someone here can help.

    What is troubling you?

    • Since I was five, I've dreamed of working for NASA, and as of late that dream has been added to with the Navy. But a couple years ago, I discovered a talent in theatre, and I fell in love with it. I enjoy both immensely, but I can only pick one, plus my parents won't let me go into theatre as a profession because it has such a low success rate... I'm just very internally conflicted... I don't know what to do...

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    • Glad I could help! have you decided?

    • Haha Heck no!


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  • Have you heard of Oprah, Joel Olsteen, Steve Harvey and a company called "The Foundation for a Better Life" what do they all have in common? The foundation spends millions on a single word and broadcast on TV and billboards.

    There is a book called Magic, read it and your life will improve in all areas. What you will find is that religion has little relationship with God. There are feelings which activate and bring God to action and the feeling of lack does not exist so knowing the things that exist and does not is important. Understand the ego and being able to separate your self from the ego and be more the thinker is very hard to do but many answers to your day to day problems exist in that space between thoughts.

    I had times in my life which were difficult which were followed by prosperous times and I never understood. The good times were fantacy good. I would go from broke to living on the beach in Rio with a maid, driver and front door man. I fell in love every night. I was falling dumb ass stupid into money. Then everything went down when I met the wrong woman. Once I started praying correctly again things are moving back up. Learn what magic is out there for you. I cannot tell you, you must search and find for yourself. Good luck.

  • I believe that sometimes he delays answering your prayer, and sometimes the answer is simply "no". I know it can feel frustrating at times, when you don't feel as though you are connecting. I think we all struggle with that. I find it best to take hikes in the woods alone and talk to God naturally as I walk. Try it, maybe?

    • I think that's a good suggestion. Long walks can be very calming. In the forest it almost feels like nature is speaking to you. It's a good environment for self-reflection, but also for admiring the simply beauty of your surroundings. I think it can change you in subtle ways.

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    • Thanks, Jersey1. And, geez, at your age, if you get down on the floor to kneel, you might never get up again!

  • I am not a Christian but I respect those who are. It's a common mistake to see God as an all-powerful answering machine. What I believe is that people also do a lot of self-reflection during long prayers, a bit like meditating really.

    • That's pretty brilliant for a non-Christian!

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    • Oh, and FYI I've lived in a family with Christian values for a few years, so I'm not totally out of the loop.

    • by the way @Remonster, I'm very appreciative of your respect for my religion although it is not yours. :)

  • You will see the answer throughout a span of time. That's what happens to me.


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  • God always listens yes.. but he will show you the answer only if you have real faith in him.
    You say you feel that you're talking into an empty space... that's because you pray without genuine faith.
    God knows what he does and when he does it.
    Even if you pray with faith in him, the answer will not come until it is the time to receive it.
    Even if you have already received the answer, you have to "decode" it... God will not give you the answer in the form you wait for it. You just need to have the faith and the insight to decode the signs of his answer.

    • When I say empty space, I mean because I'm not feeling/hearing an answer... not because I don't have faith.

  • Usually when people figure out what to do in their difficult situation that is what hey call "God answering their prayers"
    Wait until your problem sorts itself out. Then your prayers will have been answered

    • I don't think it'll work that easily... I need to choose what I want to do after highschool... study Aerospace Engineering during or after the Navy, or Theatrics and singing... I have many diverse interests, and it means I practically have multiple personalities... It's really rough... because I enjoy both A LOT! I love NASA, but I recently found my love for theatre, and I've been told I have potential in the real business, but... Uggh! It's so hard!!!

    • Major in one and take the other as electives. Think about how easy it would be to get a career out of one of them, think about which one you can see yourself doing in the future, are you ok with moving away from friends and family possibly? Do colleges you've been accepted to have those programs? If you're unsure just take general studies the first semester/year and get math science English and that out of the way (maybe have a minor in one of those fields) and take that semester or year to think some more.

    • Well, I've only just finished my sophomore year of highschool and I haven't applied to any colleges yet, but I have my eyes on the United States Naval Academy, but I'm still keeping an open mind, although I've pretty much decided that I want to go into the Navy somehow... So I guess I have the option to go to a civilian college that offers NROTC, but the USNA sounds so, appealing. The only issue is, they don't have a fine arts program...

  • God works in mysterious ways. To let you know, there is no such thing as praying wrong. You can pray however you want and God will still listen. God does answer prays, but he might not answer them in the way you think. He will do what's best for you, but probably not the way you want it to go. He will answer your prays no matter what they are. Just give him some time. He has a plan for you. I went through the same situation. As soon as I realised this, I saw what he was doing in my life. Hope this helps. Anymore questions just ask. :)