Cover letter and resume help, for Halliburton?

I'm trying to work for Halliburton over seas they have tons of entry level positions all over the world. Usually goverment contracts so they have to hire US citizens. Should I put in my cover that I have no wife it kids, have remote site experience and don't mind being away from home for months at a time? I currently work 4-2 gour weeks away in the arctic and 2 weeks off. What is a good way to impress in how much I want my foot in the door to work over seas.
they have a local hq in my home town because of the Arctic oil fields I work at. Should I drop off my resume and cover letter in person with a gift basket and a note "I just want an interview!!" I will also of course apply online, I'm willing to go all out to get noticed I know the gift basket seems needy but getting in with a company like Halliburton even entry jobs is a great career move to work over seas and make mad money.


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  • guess u can give it a try... but wot da fact havin no kids has 2 do wid it?

    • A lot of remote site jobs will ask you to stay for a certain amount if time and always ask if you can stay longer you don't have to but it's one if those things they like. Also to work all over the world people with wife and kids tend to not want to work away from home as much max 3 weeks or so or travel as much.

    • guess they'll hire u more easily if u r single then


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  • I would phrase it more ali g the lines of beening fine with being away for extended periods of time because you have no dependants in the states.

  • ask Dick Cheney