People help me out please ?

okay so here is the prob:
i am about to be 15 and most people at my age don't have the slightest hint about thier career and future and here I am planning everything since about a year. what field i am going to opt, what uni will i apply for, which city will i travel to in order to study and even the admission process although i have 4-5 years more and i know things will change, my mind will think differently and etc. Am i over planning everything? should I let go the thought about uni and concentrate on high scholol? I don't know. one of the main reasons i am thinking and planning so much is maybe because i wanna travel and get out of my comfort zone. How shall i distract myself/? am i normal?


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  • Welcome to the club of different people
    you're a normal human being, just different

    You can plan whatever uni you want. But you need to graduate from Highschool so I'd focus on Highschool for now


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  • yeah it's kinda early i believe... u might change during these years probably (i believe)

  • Just go for whatever. In many cases what your job is does not actually make a difference for quite some time.

  • Enjoy school while you can, uni is a drag, especially when you have to work to support it.

  • Just focus on school, get high grades good test scores and make ur resume as long as possible by volunteering and doing other activities,, so that way you'll have the grades to get into good school and you'll have more options to go into whether it's pre-mrs, engineering, science whatever, it all depends on ur grades so get high grades and your fine, you can figure out what u wanna do later on


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  • Honestly, i have no idea what job or career i would like or do. I'm 15 yo. My parents said that if i have no idea by the time im a senior, i could just do nursing but i dont want to 'cause a lot of my relatives are nurses so i want to do something different. Me and my mom thought about forensic science and i was like maybe i could try. After that i have been searching on what i need to achieve to be a forensic scientist, i learned that i need to study hard in biology, chemistry and math.
    Sorry its long
    Anyways, it seems like you want to be a traveler.
    Here's a list of careers that includes travelling (you can google as many of them as you want and see if you like one/intrested in one)
    Executive assistant
    Truck driver
    Flight attendant
    Retail buyer
    Travel agent
    Au pair
    Peace corps volunteer
    Event Coordinator
    Cruise line worker
    Travel tour guide
    Destination wedding photographer
    International aid worker
    Exploration geologist
    Field service engineer
    Civil servant
    Athletic recruiter
    English teacher
    Travelling nurse/doctor

    • omg! thanku so very much for stopping by and giving me your time.

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    • all the best for your future

    • Thank you! And you too😁

  • If planning works for you then go ahead and plan. I don't plan anything because i'm religious and God wants me to rely on Him and not on my own plans.

  • There's nothing wrong with planning, but don't think everything in that planning will go exactly as you think, because it's probably not going to. happen. if you can accept thatm you're fine.
    It's by the way completely normal. You're just an ordered person who likes to plan things. Nothing wrong with that, but don't be scared to do something spontaneous.

  • You are 15 and you are planning your career? I think you have to live a little more before making such a choice. Enjoy life a bit. You have plenty of time to make those decisions. Study math, science, and English in school. Then you can do nearly anything.
    Enjoy life too.

  • I feel the same... I'm 17 and there is still 2 more years until I have to decide where I want to study. I mean it's not that long, but no one I know has even though about it. I really want to go abroad, so I'm like stressed over the whole process even though it hasn't started yet.

  • I totally over planned and it allowed me to be informed and change my mind a few times. Focus in school but keep up to date with admissions and such :)

  • you seem to have a high need for certainty, planning beforehand can help some people feel more secure. try to relax for a bit, you can't control everything. it's certainly not bad to think about your future though.