How do you get over someone?

I really like this girl who doesn't like me back and I know she isn't good for me. But I can't stop thinking about her. How were you able to get over someone? Is there anything that helped in particular?

I've tried to meet someone else but I haven't been successful. I can't seem to like anyone except her.


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  • Ok so I've had to deal with this myself (I found out the guy I had a crush on, who I could have sworn was flirting with me, had a girlfriend). It's really really difficult. While people tell you to move on, it's pretty much impossible. To be honest, I still kind of like him. The most important thing you can do is acknowledge that it will never work. While that's harsh to face, if you keep hoping that one day she'll like you or that she'll change you'll never truly get over her. And even though it's a lengthy, painful process it's for the best.

    • Yes I agree 100%. People tell me to move one but its not that easy. Were you able to get over him?

    • I mean honestly I still like him. But I've come to understand that it won't work out, he's happy with the girl he's with, and that I deserve someone who will care about me. I still haven't found anyone else, but I'm no longer obsessing (well that's not the right word but you know what I mean) over him. I've come to terms with it and while I can't say that I'd say no if he asked me out, I can say that I don't expect that to happen and am ok with that.


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  • Get 'involved' with someone else..

    • I've tried to like someone else for over a year now and I just can't. I've met plenty of girls but I don't like any of them except that one

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    • I've tried avoiding her. I really have. But every time something stressful happens I always end up going back to her and I end up liking her even more.

    • Get out of the country then.

  • Move on & find someone else.. Is what I do to get over someone


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  • flirt with her friends.

  • Time and meeting someone else.