Are my food insicurities irrarional?

My family has been having a really hard time financially as of late. I'm 15 and thus in able to work and reliant on my parents. It scares me a lot that we are in debt to everything it seems like. My mom has 6 children and we cost a lot aparently. I hate money. Hate it. But I realize that this is how the world works. We havnt had enough money to comfortably buy groceries. And we have beliefs and such that limit what we buy already such as not supporting major corporations or unsustainable foods. Those things are not going away. In the family I am the hardest to feed I'm a vegetarian by choice and that won't change as well as gluten free for legitimate health reasons. Lately if I want to eat something that's not a heat up dinner I have to make it myself because my parents have stopped cooking for me as well as not buying food that I can eat regularily. I've found myself being worried about my families ability to feed us daily for a while. And what's worse is that my mom doesn't seem to care aND gives the little amount of fruits and vegitables we get to the chickens before us. Am I just being an anxsty teen? Are my concerns founded?


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  • Ur concerns have me concerned! I mean are u alright? Are u losing weight? Do u have friends with good parents? Do u have realitives u can talk to?

    • I am loosing weight but not a concerning amount. Haha no I don't really have friends. Umm family not really. My dad disowned me a fee months ago so I havnt talked to any of his side and we don't really have any family in town. I want to talk to my mom and step dad but I don't really know how. They get really stressed when any of us bring up any kind of financial incompetence

    • Geez kid ur in a tough place. Speak with a teacher u respect and see what they think.


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  • Your concerns seem very real, logical, and apparent. You should try and see if you can get your family involved in some social programs like food stamps to lessen some of your struggles.

  • You might try talking to a social worker.