Is it because of this misconception that traditional dating (unfortunately) will always be the socially accepted norm?

Even though traditional dating was the norm and still is 99.9% of the time today, I don't understand why it still exists on a grand scale today. In the past, I could understand why it existed. Back in the day, It made sense for a guy to ask out and pay for the date, because back then, men made the money and held most of the jobs and women didn't, so of course a guy had to ask out and pay because he was the one who had the money. Most women back in the past where homemakers and held jobs that didn't pay them as much as men even if it was the same kind of job. But those days are long gone, and women make just as much as men and/or make even more but traditional dating stays. I thought this was 2015, not 1915. Also women do you enjoy the fact that there's guys who's egos are so bruiseable that they won't let you ask out and/or pay for dates?


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  • Often we split the bill. Last date she paid. My first date ever I was asked out. The 21st century rocks


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  • I remember answering something a while back on this too. Guys have a choice whether they want to pay or not. Nobody is forcing them to do anything. Plenty of women now are willing to split the bill. That is the norm at least among my generation of people. Majority of the dates I go on the bill is split. Sometimes I'll even pay if it's for something small like cool drinks and the other times the guy might pay if it's for something small too. That is acceptable and general practice among my peers. I've yet to hear a female I know personally say the guy MUST pay every single time they go out.

  • Where do you get that women make as much as or more than men do today? They don't. Next time you go to a restaurant, fast food dive, hotel or store--especially a clothing store--notice how many women work in those places vs men. Those are all dirt-paying jobs, and most of the time if you see a man he's going to be a manager, which means he makes more.

    Truthfully, most women don't want to ask guys out or pay for dates, though women are more open to the paying for dates thing. But no one likes the possibility of rejection. I'm not going to say I enjoy either of those things, though. Most of the time when a guy asks a woman out the woman isn't even interested in him, so that's not enjoyable. And it's fine to have dates where no one has to pay for anything. We can just hang out.

    • I know plenty of women that make more than men. A lot of women in my family make more than their bf's/husbands.

    • And I said do women enjoy those guys that wouldn't let a woman ask out and/or pay due to the fear their fragile ego will be bruised.

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  • Whoever asks the other out should pay for the date. That's just rude to ask someone out and expect them to fork over money. Definitely wouldn't go on a second date with that kind of person.