This question is for people with gorgeous eyes, Do you ever get tired of people asking if your eyes are REAL or if you're wearing contacts?

... are you annoyed when people stare into your beautiful eyes, i apologize in advance because i can't help it!

i am a sucker for mixed men with beautiful eyes, or men in general with beautiful iriseses lol
big beautiful green eyes are my favorite, and hazel eyes , are breathtakingly beautiful.

Huskey colored eyes like Alex Baldwin they almost look clear or Michael Ealey lol
i've even seen people with two-tone eyes where the center is lighter or darker , it's mind boggling
I've met a few people with two different eye colors lol its weird!

I've been told by people with grey eyes , that they are extremely sensitive to light


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  • Well, mine are hazel with mid-dark green tones. To be really honest, I've always liked when people complimented me because of my eyes.

    • thats awesome bc a guy i know of said it annoyed him growing up having crystal hazel colored eyes, to the point of crying when he was younger, im sure he has embraced them by now lol =) must be nice

    • hehe Maybe when you are a kid and have a bunch of old ladies squeezing you and saying funny things it is really annoying. :) Anyway, we do not choose our colours and assets, but we may choose to embrace ourselves. ;)

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  • I never think taht when I see people with beautiful eyes I must be naive

  • I once uploaded a picture with my hair covering one eye
    And people actually asked me if I just had one eye


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