Okay folks help me to get over this situation. Should I text him first?

Okay. He and I are friends from school. We don't text like others. U know how the school friends are like. But I like him and he seems kinda into me. One night we had a moment at the bar , he told me that im someone special to him but he is into serious relationship for now. But we ended up coming to his house and made a love. Since that it's been exactly a month. He hasn't texted me or call me. I know he was might just interested in sex, and I guess It was only one night thing but I still like him. Should I text to him?

by the way he knows that I like him


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  • guess he got wot he wanted i'm afraid... then 4got bout u...


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  • There's nothing wrong with trying, you won't loose anything, just go for it :)


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  • Go for it! No harm in trying. If he doesn't seem interested, move on to the next one.

    • The thing is that I just don't want to be rejected. U know. I've nver been in this situation and I've never been rejected. Ugh this is so frustrating

    • Well, the literal worst thing he can say is no. And then you move on, because you are awesome and he is missing out.